PUBG Mobile has just released yet another new event named King Fighter. This is a minigame event that would give players who beat it an extra set of outfits named Black Cat after 10 days. Below is our guide on all the requirements of the event that players need to complete in order to beat it.


This is a limited-time event that started on Feb 18 and lasts until Feb 27. The objective is to defeat an enemy by using the resources that you gained from performing various tasks. These tasks will keep changing daily at 00:00 local time.

The menu for the minigame

To complete this event, there are two simple steps:

1 – Beat the daily quests

The first step that you have to do is to complete various daily tasks such as login, Complete 1 match of any mode and such. You would gain energy and coins after completing each task. With the resources gained, you can process to the second step

2 – Attack the fighter

The energy gathered by completing quests can then be used to perform attacks to damage the fighter. You have to understand that each attack would cost a different amount of energy – the more energy it cost, the higher the damage. An attack that cost twenty energy would damage the fighter by 100 points, 25 would damage 400 points and 30 would damage 800 points. It is best to just save 30 repeatedly using that only attack.

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To defeat the boss completely, you need to deal with a total of ten thousand points of damage. However, there are three other milestones on the damage meter so that the player could get some extra rewards. At 9600 points you would get 10 silver, 6600 would unlock a spray can and 3600 would unlock a Classic Crate Scrap Coupon. The final milestone is the previously mentioned King Fighter.

The maximum energy points that players can collect each day is 75. The milestone rewards would be added straight into players’ inventory once acquired. The Black Cat outfit is a limited-time item, which would run out after ten days. Interested in more of our PUBG Mobile related posts? Please check out the PUBG tag on Gurugamer.