PUBG Mobile’s developers have been trying pretty hard to port the base game into Mobile while retains as much of its original graphics as possible. However, having a good looking game is not always an advantageous thing, as PUBG Mobile is a highly competitive multiplayer shooter. Sometimes, it is best to just tone down the graphics settings so that you could get a better idea of your enemies’ location in combat. With this guide, we would list out some of the most impactful settings that you should consider modifying for a better gaming experience.

The world doesn't look that much different, but your device would run much faster

Firstly, let's talk about Graphics Settings

Screenshot 20190303 175101

Overall, its best to toggle them like this:

Smooth Graphics/ Frame Rate Extreme/ Colorful Style

150% Brightness/ Normal Non-Standard Screens / Enabled Auto-Adjust Graphics

You must squeeze out as much performance out of your device as possible. PUBG Mobile is a long game, and prolonged playing usually causes phones to overheat and slow down – that’s why toning down settings are essential. Your phone might be fast now… but it might slow down at the most inopportune moment. Faster frame rate would help you in reacting as fast as possible to various elements that happen on the screen, while the Colorful style would make it easier to differentiate players from the environment.

Next, let’s talk about the basic settings and whichever change you should make

Basic Setting Pubg

Aim Assist: It is best to disable aim assist and rely on your own ability to improve

Peak and Fire/Open Scope: Enable both so that you would be able to do things more efficiently

Lean/Scope Mode: Tap for simpler controls

Scope On: Always on so that you would be able to learn how to control recoil by interacting with the phone.

Auto-open doors: Enabled for simplification

Healing Prompt: Enabled for simplification

Jump/Climb: Combine to reduce the number of redundant actions you would have to make

1st Person Perspective Camera View: Maxed – This is very important, as the ability to see more of the game world would let you detect various things that you would have missed otherwise.

Pubg Mobile Graphics
Detect your enemies easier using the lowest graphics mode

Lastly, we will talk about the Controls, Pickup and Scope options. Overall, it is best that you playtest the default control scheme and change it based on your hand and preference - the same thing can be said for Scope. About Pickups, it is best that you set the ammo type of the gun you like to be pickup automatically while ignoring the rest so that you won't have to dump ammo.

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