The PMCO 2020 is currently going on in many different regions in the world and the best PUBG Mobile teams in the world are trying their best to be qualified for the PUBG Mobile World League. In order to make sure that all the matches are fair for all participating teams, PUBG uses anti-cheat software that runs in the background in all matches. But this software caused lots of problems for some players and teams, preventing them from entering the game.

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The anti-cheat software is supposed to ensure the fairness of the matches

During the PMCO 2020 India Group Stage, some problems occurred to  Team Mayhem, who was leading the leaderboard back then. In the final match between Group B and Group C, 2  members of Team Mayhem failed to connect to the match and thus, they were disqualified from that match. Even though that incident doesn't really matter to the final result of Team Mayhem, it could have been worse.

Team Mayhem doesn't really get affected much by the incident because they were the top 1 team

Recently, this problem arises again during the PMCO 2020 India Semi-finals. This time, the problems spread to players from 3 different teams, causing them unable to connect to their match. Players have been complaining that the anti-cheat app put a lot of stress on their device, especially in the late game. This problem is less serious in iOS devices.

45517 Missing Teams 1
Players cannot load into their match in the PMCO Semi-finals

As more important matches of the PMCO 2020 is coming closer, these problems can really affect the outcome of the tournaments and hinder the true potential of many great teams, maybe even take away their chance to be qualified for later stages.

As most matches in the PMCO 2020 are online matches, this problem needs to be fixed ASAP. The PMCO for many regions in the world is going to start soon and let hope that.

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