The PUBG Mobile tournament Mafia Cup Season 1 was held in January this year with a big prize pool of Rs 100,000. While team Entity Gaming has won the tournament, they haven't received any prize money at all, confirmed by the leader of team Entity Gaming, Ghatak. According to him, the man named Zuko from DG gaming was the one behind the tournament. They are now owning team Entity Gaming Rs 30lakh.

Not only Ghatak, but player Carry from team Godlike also revealed the same thing and even showed the email he received from the organizer.

11810 Mafia Cup 2 1
Carry shows the email he received from the organizer of Mafia Cup

As you can see in the email above, it was sent from DG Gaming on February 18. The email said that they were having a small delay and players will receive their prize money before March 15.

However, it is March 18 today and no player has received anything yet. The man named Zuko has disappeared and gave zero response to the matter. Not only players but the casters and admins who participated in the tournament were also not paid. Even players and teams who have been sponsored by DG Gaming in the past also revealed about not receiving their dues.

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Ghatak speaks up about the problems with DG Gaming on his Instagram story

Up until this point, it is likely that players won't be able to get their money from DG Gaming. Esports is a really big juicy pie that everyone wants a bite of it. That why some would just jump in without any experience, knowledge and blow it after a while. This is not first the first time an incident like this happened and it won't be the last as esports is growing in India. But it is important for the community to stay wise and aware of things like this in the future.