PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik and PUBG Mobile Lite have officially been removed from both Google Play Store in App Store in India. The ban finally takes place after the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology held a press conference to announce it. The shocking news shook the entire Indian PUBG Mobile community. One of the first pro players to step up and react to the ban is TSM Entity Ghatak. He posted a series of tweets, both expressing the major letdown and encourage the PUBG Mobile gamers to stay strong. Yesterday, Ghatak tagged the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, requesting for an opportunity to play in an event. 

GHATAK tweet 1
GHATAK wants to compete in a major PUBG Mobile event

If you’re a veteran PUBG Mobile fan, you may know what event he’s talking about. PUBG Mobile announced its “New Era” update, bringing tons of new changes to the graphics, UI, and most importantly, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero. It’s the combination of PUBG MOBILE World League (PMWL) and World Championship with a grand prize pool of 14.8 crore Rupees. This is the biggest Esports tournament in 2020, and it would be a total shame if Indian talents are not allowed to compete. 

GHATAK portrait
Indian pro-PUBG Mobile players like GHATAK may miss out on the biggest tournament of 2020

As of the reason for the ban of PUBG Mobile and 117 other Chinese mobile applications, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology claims that they pose a great threat to the country’s sovereignty. It announces numerous complaints from multiple sources reporting the misuse of some mobile apps. More specifically, they allegedly steal and surreptitiously transmit users’ data in an unauthorized manner to servers located outside of India. 

TSM Entity Ghatak had Previously Tweeted out:

GHATAK tweet 2
GHATAK tweeted to express his grief over the PUBG Mobile ban

Speaking with fans about the PUBG Mobile ban on 2nd September, the pro gamer said he stood with his nation. Ghatak knew the data was going to China and India is the biggest market for PUBG Mobile. He estimated that 60% of PUBG Mobile’s player base is Indian. On the other hand, the TSM Entity’s manager Sid took Pakistan’s case to encourage the community to stay calm. PUBG Mobile was also banned in Pakistan but later unbanned, so there is nothing to weep about the situation. Sid also believed that the Prime Minister knew how many people’s livelihoods relied on PUBG Mobile. Therefore, if he made such a decision, there must have been a reason for it. 

Screenshot 21
TSM Entity's Sid also recommended Garena Free Fire as an alternative

Reports suggest that Tencent Games lost 25 lakh crore Rupees ($34 Billion) in market value since India banned PUBG Mobile. In an emailed statement to the Business Insider, the tech giant said that they were looking for ways to engage with the Indian authorities to clarify their “long-established policy and action in protecting user data in hoped to ensure the continued availability of their products in India”.