Though PUBG Mobile has been banned in India for long, gamers in the country still manage to use foreign versions to join in the battles. Even when PUBG Mobile Korea decides to stop Indian players from accessing their server in the next two months, lots of people have switched to Vietnamese version without difficulties.

Having said that, what worries PUBG Mobile players most at this time is the permanent ban from the game itself. According to a recent announcement from PUBG Mobile official page, 1,691,949 accounts have been blocked for using some kinds of hacks or cheats which are rather popular among Indian players. The movement is part of the Ban Pan anti-cheat project of PUBG Mobile since 2019.

Pubg Mobile Ban Pan Announcement
PUBG Mobile announced nearly 1.7M banned accounts on the first day of April.

To be specific, the banned accounts belong to a variety of tiers. Bronze tier, the lowest level in the game, has most cheaters blocked with 35%. Following is the Diamond, Crown, Silver and Platinum accounts which all account for more than 10%. The least banned tier is Conquerer at only 1%.

Banned cheats in PUBG Mobile in April 2021

Moving to the types of banned cheats, here are the top 5 hacks in PUBG Mobile to receive the permanent block:

  • Auto-aim hacks – 34%

The so-called aimbot is a very common hack in PUBG Mobile where cheaters take advantage of a perfect aim to finish their enemies. However, this is also an easy-to-detect hack and most likely to get a permanent ban from the administrator.

  • X-ray vision – 34%

Lots of PUBG Mobile players have quit the game due to this cheat. Are you annoyed if the hackers know every move you make in secret and can see you through your hiding places? Guess no one could tolerate such a cheat in PUBG. That’s why the developers are determined to get rid of these X-Ray hackers in their game.

Pubg Mobile Accounts Banned
Most banned cheaters come from the Bronze tier.
  • Speed hacks – 12%

No matter how hard you try, you can never surpass a player who uses speed hack to win the battle by all means. They move much faster, loot quickly and it’s very hard to kill them off. While this hack causes visible unfair advantage in many shooter games, lots of people continue to use it despite the risk of a permanent ban.

  • Modification of area damage – 6%

Similar to the above hacks in PUBG Mobile, the two modification cheats of area damage and character model offer players superior features compared to normal gamers. This makes them win the game more easily, at the same time discouraging others from competing fairly.

  • Modification of character model – 4%

Pubg Mobile Banned Cheats
A pie chart of PUBG Mobile hacks among blocked accounts

Other than these 5 common hacks, around 10% of banned accounts abuse many other cheats as well. In fact, the PUBG Mobile developer team could hardly remove all the hackers out of the game but they could reduce the amount of foul play to ensure fairer competition. However, there are several complaints that some accounts were banned despite not using any hack.

To avoid being blocked by PUBG Mobile, players should stay away from these hacks and cheats. At the end of the day, the excitement you get from playing the game is what matters, not the final result.

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