Along with the 2nd anniversary, PUBG Mobile has released the PUBG Mobile Retro Arcade Festival. With this event, players will be able to experience old arcade games and have fun while earning exclusive rewards. Let's hop in and see how this event works.

Pubg Mobile Arcade
PUBG Mobile Retro Arcade Festival is a part of the PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary

Players will be able to play two arcade games from the 80s and 90s called Hunt Game and Space War. While lots of people have been playing these games hundreds of times in their childhood, some might not know what these 2 games are. But don't worry, both of these games are really easy to play and addictive.

PUBG Mobile Retro Arcade Festival: Rules of the event

Each time you play, you will have to pay one coin. You can get coins by doing missions in the event. There are a lot of missions for you to get coins every day.

Playing the games will earn you points that can be used to claim random rewards. It will cost you 2000 points each to claim 1 reward.

The top 300 players who have the most points will receive many Classic Crate Lottery Coupons and Premium Crate Lottery Coupons based on their ranks.

PUBG Mobile Retro Arcade Festival: How to play Hunt Game and Space War

In Hunt Game, you have to control your crosshair to shoot at birds and crate to get points. Your ammo and time are limited so make sure to use both of them as efficiently as possible. The best strategy is to wait for birds to jump into your crosshair instead of tracking their movements.

PUBG Mobile Retro Arcade Festival
Wait for birds to jump into your crosshair and then shoot

Space War is even simpler as you only have to move your ship to the left and right to destroy enemies while dodging bullets.

PUBG Mobile Retro Arcade Festival
Just move your spaceship left and right to dodge bullets