PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary: Introduction

As part of the celebrations of the PUBG Mobile 2nd anniversary, there are now a ton of events that will give all kinds of rewards until the end of the month. So here's a chance to stock up on goodies and items that occurs only once a year!

The 'Anniversary Purchase Bonus Event' now awards you extra items from purchasing UC. Among these are the anniversary UMP 45 skin, anniversary lucky pack, and silver. The lucky pack could give you extra UC up to 3,600, but the minimum is only 30 so it's very difficult to get anywhere near the max amount.

There is also the 'Bandwagon Bundles' event that gives players a 'Limited Mystery Bundle Pack'. After all players purchase a number of packs, everyone gets even more rewards!

PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary: More PUBG Mobile sales coming

Tencent will also start more sales beginning on March 20. There will be limited-stock items for all servers while Prime/Prime Plus will get more discounts. There will also be some mystery items in the shop. The discounts event can shave off 30 to 70% on your item purchases, and the items are refreshed daily.

pubg mobile 2nd anniversary rewards
'A plethora of rewards' awaits the players during the PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary

Also, don't forget that there was the '2nd Spin Anniversary Event' that began on March 15, where players could play a lucky spin game that could win things like guns, outfits, vehicle skins and so on. On Friday, PUBG Mobile players should be able to access these sales.

Finally, there is the '2nd Anniversary Crate Redemption Event' that could earn you goodies like the Mechano-Rooster skin on the VSS and a top that has Mechano-Rooster appearance. You can win these by going for the golden stars from PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary crates and redeem the items with these.

From March 21, there will be more loot coming your way under 'Matches For Rewards'. Other events that already began on March 12 would go on until the end of the month.

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