PUBG Mobile season 13 hasn’t come. But players all over the world are looking forward to seeing and experiencing the upcoming content. Before PUBG mobile season 13 leaked contents come, let’s see what we have in this season with

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Release Date

PUBG Mobile season 12 came to players on March 9th, 2020. As normal, each season in PUBG Mobile lasts about two months. The previous season 11 lasted from January 10th to March 8th, 2020. So, the current season will possibly end in the second week of May 2020. Then, we can expect season 13 PUBG mobile to come on May 10th to 12th this year.

The leaked contents often come to players and fans of this game a couple of weeks before the official release date. Let’s see what we have in this season when looking forwards to the next season.

Pubg Mobile Season 12
Pubg Mobile Season 12 New Skin For 2nd Anniversary

First, a new Royal Pass Season 12 with a lot of new items and contents has pleased lots of players. Moreover, Tencent titled this season as ‘2gether We Play’ to celebrate the 2nd birthday of this game. On this special occasion, the publishers, of course, brought players a massive collection of decent skins, events, and missions.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass

Like in other Royale Pass Season, RP season 12 also has two RP sets with different rewards. Players can receive three special outfit sets on the Birthday celebration. Phantom Catgirl set and the Hardened Veteran set are prizes for those who get Tier 100 in this Royale Pass. In addition, the animation is added to the masks to look cool and impressive.

Pubg Mobile Season 12 2nd Anniversary
Phantom Catgirl Skin is one of three special outfits sets this season

Besides, there are also weapon skins for Kar98K, the PP-19 Bizon, and the Pan as rewards in Premium RP crate. For example, when you reach RP 90 in the Premium RP set, you will get a colorful PP-19 Bizon skin. Moreover, the content will be updated with some new emotes like twist. Some other fancy skins for backpacks are also available at each milestone of tiers.

In addition, players will also get colorful skins for vehicles, grenades, and unique ornaments. Furthermore, as usual, the system will refund you a big sum of 600 UC when reaching the RP Rank 100. You also get a premium and classic coupons to open rare items in those crates.

Pubg Mobile Season 12 Title
'2gether We Play' is the title of this season

The contents and attractive rewards of PUBG Mobile season 13 will also come soon. We will bring you the latest news about updates and the Royale Pass season. So, keep following our website to never miss any PUBG Mobile news.

PUBG Mobile Patch 0.17.0 Contents

Coming along with PUBG Mobile season 12, the update patch of PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 also brought players a lot of exciting content.

First of all, one of the most highly-anticipated features, Death Replay, has come to players. This addition allows players to know how they are killed to prepare for the next match. Moreover, if players suspected their death is due to cheating, they can replay it and check. If it seems to be a cheat, players can report the cheaters to help the developers in the anti-cheat campaign.

Pubg Mobile Season 12 Additions
Some significant additions in the content of this patch

Moreover, the highly-expected remade map, Erangel 2.0, has come sooner than PUBG Mobile season 13. Before that, the publishers announced that they needed more time to complete the map. But it seems that they worked really hard to release this enhanced map on PUBG Mobile season 12.

Pug Mobile Season 12 Death Replay
The new update lets players replay their death with Death Replay feature

Furthermore, developers give players a more interesting experience with a new Amusement Park on the Erangel map. You can enter this place and enjoy a lot of fun games. Besides, another Arctic Mode was also added in which players will kill hens for chicken. A new drone camera also comes with this game mode.

Amusement Park Pubg Mobile Season 12
The Dev Team Added A New Amusement Park To Erangel Map

Next, Ranked Arena Mode brings players more activities in PUBG Mobile as well as decent rewards. You can get free crate coupons and silver fragments to receive many cool items.

Last but not least, many other interesting features were also brought to players in this patch. For example, the colorblind mode is expected to help players with colorblind problems having better game experience. Then, the dev teams also give rookies a chance to learn from veterans with Brothers in Arms feature. You can check out more details about this new feature here with

Pubg Mobile Season 12 Brothers In Arms
The dev teams also give rookies a chance to learn from veterans with Brothers in Arms feature

Other new features are esports center, team reservation, radio feature, grenade kill broadcast, crew challenge upgrade, etc. You will have time to experience all these additions before the next season 13 PUBG mobile come in May.

Those are things you need to know about PUBG Mobile season 12. The latest news about PUBG Mobile season 13 will be updated on our website. Follow us to never miss any PUBG Mobile game news as well as useful tips and tricks for gamers.