Team Deathmatch is one of the most played modes in any FPS games – and PUBG Mobile is not an exception. PUBG Mobile’s developers have been trying to attract more players to the game – however, not everyone has time for such a lengthy game like a round of classic PUBG battle royale every time. This is where Arcade modes and Team Deathmatch comes in.

pubg mobile tdm tips and tricks
The warehouse map from above - it is just a very limited battleground

In this guide, we would provide you with a lot of PUBG Mobile TDM tips and tricks in order to help you get the best score possible in the Warehouse map.

PUBG Mobile TDM Tips and Tricks: About the Warehouse map

The warehouse is pretty small compared to the usual locations in PUBG – it is mostly symmetrical. Each team would start and respawn at one side of the map, inside a building. There is a decent amount of ammunition and weapons placed around the spawning point so that players could gear themselves up with their favorite weapon. Furthermore, players would get a brief invincibility period after spawning to prevent camping.

pubg mobile tdm tips and tricks
The symmetrical design of the warehouse map

Outside of the building are storage containers and train carriages that were placed strategically – you can either take cover behind or climb on top of those barrels and crates. Placed in the middle of the area is the powerful M249 LMG. This is often used as a bait, with players camping on the spot waiting for people to try to grab the gun.

Be vary of the wooden houses on the left and right sides, as enemies often come from that location. The top of the train are common sniping locations – you would often need to check that as well.

PUBG Mobile TDM Tips and Tricks: General gameplay and rules

PUBG Mobile TDM tips and tricks
Try to stick together with your team instead of going out alone

Team Deathmatch is a rather simple game mode: just kill your enemies before they kill you. Two 4-man squads would go against each other, and the first one to get to 40 kills would win the match. Respawning is almost instant – and you would keep playing until the match ends. While this mode is rather simple – if you and your team does not have a plan and just coming out one by one randomly, the enemy would definitely be able to take advantage of that.

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PUBG Mobile TDM Tips and Tricks: Weapons and Gear

You would get to pick whatever you would like to use in TDM – there would be various rifles on one side of the hut, with a few small machine guns on the other. Weapons attachments are placed on the table, including stocks, grips, and scopes.

pubg mobile tdm tips and tricks
Flanking your opponents by taking the side routes

About body armor – everyone starts with the same loadout: the level 2 body armor and helmet – because of this, there isn’t much advantage to anyone. With only level 2 gear, you would be able to instantly kill a target using a headshot with the right weapon.

PUBG Mobile TDM Tips and Tricks: Movement

TDM mode is pretty fast-paced and chaotic, which means you should not run carelessly into the enemy team or camping on the same spot for too long. The best strategy for movement is to move around slowly while listening to the footsteps of your enemies. If you just got out from a firefight and not able to finish your enemy, it is best to immediately move to another spot to camp your previous location. 50% of the time, the enemy would take the bait and walk into your trap. Camping too long on a known location is not a good idea on this map.

PUBG Mobile TDM Tips and Tricks
A lot of people often camp on top of this platform

Be careful when running away, as you can walk straight into an enemy ambush. It is best to get to the nearest cover then back out slowly. You should also lower the number of times you reload your gun, as sometimes enemies can just pop right into your face in the middle of the reload animation. Get to cover first.

PUBG Mobile TDM Tips and Tricks: Know when to back down

PUBG Mobile TDM Tips and Tricks
Know when to retreat from your camping location

Your HP would recover slowly outside of combat – which means that as long as you survive, you would be able to get back to the fight with full health eventually. Because of this, if you just got out of a fight and successfully retreated, it is best to camp around a little to heal. Going with the flow is likely to get you killed

PUBG Mobile TDM Tips and Tricks: Weapon modding

PUBG Mobile TDM Tips and Tricks
2x scope is actually better than 4x in this mode

It is best to just use what you are most comfortable with. However, due to the smaller size of the map, 4x scopes are often not needed. A 2x scope would be better in this situation, especially on weapons with lower recoil. For weapons with high recoil like the AK47, a Red Dot Sight is more effective.

PUBG Mobile TDM Tips and Tricks: How to get the M249

The M249 is amongst the best weapon in the game – and in this mode, you can easily take advantage of that gun to get at least a 4-6 kill streak. The huge magazine combined with the fast rate of fire is a combination to be reckoned with.

PUBG Mobile TDM Tips and Tricks
Get the M249 if possible for that gun is the strongest in this mode

The best way to get this weapon is to sprint ahead and camp the warehouse for people who are trying to get the weapon and kill them before grabbing it. You can grab it yourself, but that would be pretty risky.

This is the end of our PUBG Mobile TDM tips & tricks guide. If you are interested in more of our posts related to PUBG Mobile, please check out this article for a complete guide of the Sanhok map.