Titles are amongst the most prestigious achievements that you could gain in PUBG Mobile besides a high rank in matchmaking. After you have gained a title, you would be able to display it alongside your name – in both the matchmaking screen and the friend list. There are a lot of titles for various actions, from “well-liked” to “chicken expert”.

pubg player info
A player with the special title

Amongst those titles, the hardest one to get is probably “weapon master”. In this guide, Gurugamer.com would like to discuss more about how to get weapon master in PUBG Mobile. With this title in your profile, you would definitely be able to flex at everyone. The whole process of getting the whole thing is rather complicated, however, as you would have to get familiar with the best weapon in PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile weapon stats.

1 – How to get weapon master in PUBG Mobile: Requirements

Obtaining the title is a rather hard ordeal, as you would have to complete every requirement in a single match. Firstly, you would need to be the last one alive, which is straightforward enough. However, the second requirement is where people often stuck. You have to get at least six kills in the match, and each of the kill would have to be done by a different method. Valid killing weapons include Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Throwables, and lastly, vehicles. Only by using the best weapon could you accomplish this task, and PUBG mobile weapon stats is crucial to determine this.

pubg weapon master
Various requirements that one needs to fulfill for the special title

Another twist that this achievement has is that you have to be at least Platinum tier or above. These requirements were made in order to prevent people from just create a new account and perform the requirements on matches filled with bots and new players. There are no shortcut to accomplish this task – in this guide, we would list out the best method to help you understand how to get weapon master in PUBG Mobile

2 – Try to get bots in your game

Firstly, you have to understand that there would always be bots in a game of PUBG Mobile, no matter what tier you are at. It is vital that you take advantage of this to get those six kills with different weapons, as the bots are way easier to take out than a real human. To get more chances for bots, it is best that you play the game during late hours when there are fewer players on your server. Vacancies when finding a match would be filled with AI opponents after a while.

how to get weapon master in pubg
Bots are usually easy to kill

Due to their AI nature, the bots often stray into places that people rarely go. For example, you are less likely to get an easy bot to kill in Sanhok’s Bootcamp, as they usually appear in Camp Bravo instead. Because of that, in order to learn how to get weapon master in PUBG Mobile, you should start out in remote places.

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3 – Where to land on the map to get best weapon in PUBG Mobile

Landing on a completely desolated location such as a random building on the edge of the map is not recommended, however, as you would need to get enough different best weapon in PUBG Mobile to complete the weapon master objectives. Getting one or two bot kills is already enough – afterward, you should begin to hunt other players. Your landing location should be on a respectable distance to a popular spot.

pubg mobile game
Hunt for various drops before fighting

Because of that, picking out a place with both few vacancies and good loot is essential in accomplishing the task. Of course, you can try to land in popular hot zones like Pochinki, Bootcamp or School to try your luck and use the best weapon in PUBG Mobile to accomplish the task of becoming a weapon master in real PVP combat. While this is overall harder, the quest is not impossible to accomplish.

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4 – Know PUBG Mobile weapon stats

It is vital that you understand what is the best weapon in PUBG Mobile and how to use them, along with the general stats and which weapons belong to which categories. This would, in turn, prevent various scenarios in which you failed to get the achievement after completing every task – only to find out later that one of your weapons is counted as another class instead.

pubg weapon stats
Know PUBG Mobile weapon stats

5 – How to get weapon master in PUBG Mobile’s duo/squad mode

If you are trying to get this achievement in duo/squad mode, it is crucial that you score the final kill – because knocking out doesn’t count. In this mode, you can just take out your opponent with any weapon, then do the kill confirm with your desired gun. Getting the achievement in this mode is easier, however, you would need cooperation from at least one other person.

pubg weapon master title
Show the new title after acquiring

It is also important that you have to be the one to knock the enemy out instead of your squadmate, as the kill would then be counted for them instead. You can finish off knockdowns by other teams, however.

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