PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is an exciting Battle Royale game. There are over 400 million registered users and more than 50 million active users every day. In PUBG Mobile, you will join in a battle for survival with other 99 players. You need to kill some of the players and Bots In PUBG Mobile and try to be the last man surviving on the map to win Chicken Dinner.

Not all the opponents you face during the battle are real players. In fact, at the beginning of the match, you may meet many BOTs, who are very easy to kill. Here are five differences between real players and bots in PUBG Mobile you should keep in mind. Know who is a BOT, stay alert with real enemies, and have appropriate treatments for them.

Distinguish Bots And Players In Pubg Mobile Fc45_wm
Distinguish Between Bots And Players In Pubg Mobile

BOTs Have Bad Aiming Ability

The first difference between a real player and a BOT in PUBG Mobile is his aiming skill. BOT has a really bad aim. And you won’t be killed by BOT under three seconds unless you let him kill you. If a BOT shoots at you, you only get light damage. But if a real player fire at you for three seconds, he will knock you down.

Bots Have Bad Aim 913f_wm
Bots Have Bad Aim

BOTs Have Weird Nickname

Another difference between players and BOTs in PUBG Mobile is the nickname. When you knock down an enemy, you can see his name. If it’s a weird and unclear name, you have killed a BOT. It can be a meaningless letter chain like ‘afcdjkll’. Therefore, if you knock down someone with a clear nickname, watch out their squad. Maybe, you have knocked down or killed a player. His team may come to you soon.

BOTs in PUBG Mobile Never Hides

When a real player gets shot at, he will run to find shelter to hide. In contrast, BOT will never hide. It seems that their mission is bringing supplies to players. When you kill a BOT, you may get a gun and some supplies from his crate. You can even kill BOT with your fists or melee weapons like pan or knife.

Bot Never Hides D65a_wm
Bot Never Hides

BOTs Will Move to the Gunfire

The next thing to differentiate a BOT and a player is their reaction to the shot. If a real player hears the sound of shooting, he tends to run away from the gunshot and find another direction to attack you. However, BOTs will move to the direction of gunfire.

BOTs Move Casually

When you spot an enemy from the distance, you need to run to seek cover. While running, look back to the enemy. If he walks casually while chasing after you, stop and kill that BOT. But stay alert if you notice the enemy disappears while following you because that player can hide around and kill you.

Bots Move Weirdly 01cf_wm
Bots Move Weirdly

These are five things that tell you whether an enemy is a BOT or real player in PUBG Mobile. Knowing your enemies well is also a rule to get Chicken Dinner and understand your ability. These differences help you have the right treatments with players and BOTs in PUBG Mobile and stay alert with real players.