Another update for the popular Battle Royale game, PUBG Mobile, is going to kick in soon, as season 10 would begin on November 9. With the 0.15.5 update, a collection of new items, maps, missions, and even a new character are going to be added to PUBG Mobile. The new map in this update is named “The Ruins”, with aesthetics mostly inspired by Sanhok. However, the map would not be made available right away after the patch, as it would be only playable during the Team Deathmatch matches of EvoGround. The map is already available on the beta version of PUBG Mobile, with an expected roll-out date somewhere at the end of this month for the stable version.

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The general Aztec themed designs of the map

The map’s arrival was recently teased by the official social media accounts of PUBG Mobile India. About the specific details related to the map like how it would look like, we can already gather a few details from the beta in china servers. The Ruins would look very similar to Sanhok, architecture wise, with temples, maze-like structures, and even a big pyramid.

Based on the video of the 0.15.5 beta update, firefights in the Ruins would definitely be much different than the usual warehouse grinding machine in normal Team Deathmatch. The new map would have multiple respawn points, along with complex structures and multiple levels of elevations and basements. This kind of design ensures that close-quarter firefights would happen very frequently. There are also a lot of vantage points as well, so snipers would still have some moment to shine.

Pubg Mobile Ban Tq Xuat Hien Ban Do Aztec Moi Cho
Vantage points that overlook the entryway

In addition to this map, there would be a new submachine gun called MP5K, a new character called Sara, and various cosmetics stuffs related to Season 10. Interested in more of our Updates about PUBG Mobile? Please check out this article to know more about the new Sara character.