Day 1 of the PMCO Fall Split South Asia Playins has just finished with the total domination of ETG.Brawlers. They won 3 Chicken Dinner back to back in the first three matches and finished the day at the top with 102 points and 37 kills. In the second place is team Fnatic ( XSpark) with 63 points and 21 kills, as expected from one of the best PUBG Mobile team in India.

The top Nepal team in the Group Stage, Solti Squad, turned out to do not so well this time. They got eliminated early every time and ended up at the bottom at the 23rd place. But Nepal teams still have hope as one of them made it into the top 3 after Day 1. They were Trust Da Process, the team who barely survived the Group Stage in the 24th position. They managed to get one Chicken Dinner in Match 4 and had only 1 point less than Fnatic at the end of the day.

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Overall Standings Day 1

The champion of the Group Stage, Orange Rock learned this time that the road isn't going to be smooth for them anymore. They got destroyed early to many times and they are now in the 18th position.

Team SouL, with the participation of MortaL, got a not-so-bad result in the 8th position. They are in a decent spot now. As long as they maintain themselves in the top 16. They still have a good chance to go to the Grand Finals.

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Team SouL did a fine job on Day 1

Team Insane and Godlike didn't really stand out a lot but they had a really consistent performance throughout the day. They both managed to stay in the top 8 every game. At the end of the day, Godlike was in fourth place with 55 points while Insane was in 7th place with 46 points.

Here are the details of all 6 matches on Day 1.

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6 matches on Day 1 of Semi Finals

Match 1: Erangel (Group A vs B)

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Match 1: Erangel (Group A vs B) Standings

ETG.Brawler got the Chicken Dinner with 33 points and 13 kills. Unlike what they have shown everyone in the Group Stage, they were killing it, leaving all other teams behind. SynerGE did well themselves in second place, but with the huge amount of kills of ETG. Brawler, they were separated by 12 whole points. In third place was Zero Degree with 20 points and 10 kills. They were the ones who took out both Orange Rock and SouL out at the same time, leaving them in 14th place and 16th place with no kills and only 1 point in the first match.

Match 2: Vikendi (Group A vs B)

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Match 2: Vikendi (Group A vs B) Standings

Once again, ETG. Brawler got the game with 10 kills, maintaining their lead and further increasing the gap. Zero Degree went second thanks to their crazy 13 kills and got 20 points, followed by Trust Da Process with 19 points and 5 kills.

This game, Enity Gaming had the circle most of the time, but they only got 6th place. Having the circle means that you will have to fight against the pushes from many different teams. However, Enity couldn't manage situations like this as good as ETG.

Match 3: Miramar (Group A vs C)

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Match 3: Miramar (Group A vs C) Standings

With 3 Chicken Dinner in a row, ETG. Brawler has definitely secured their slot in the Finals at this point. They were very decisive, not missing out on any opportunity whenever they got a knock and constantly pushed their advantages. As a result, that playstyle earned them 34 points with 14 kills.

Fnatic started picking up their pace this game with 19 points and 9 kills in second place. They played a little bit passive, which didn't work out for them very well. Enity Gaming was also doing better with 18 points and 8 kills in third place.

Match 4: Sanhok (Group A vs C)

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Match 4: Sanhok (Group A vs C) Standings

Match 4 is the final match for Group A teams on Day 1. ETG seemed to be satisfied with their results already and stopped being aggressive. They failed to get the 4th Chicken Dinner in a row and got no kills, but they still got into the late game to earn some placement points.

Trust Da Process finally got a Chicken Dinner in their last match of the day after those good placement points and kill points from games 1, 2, and 3. They had a great day and they are definitely a team that others need to look out of on the second day.

Enity Gaming ended up in 2nd place with 21 points, followed by Orange Rock with 17 points.

Match 5: Mirama (Group B vs C)

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Match 5: Mirama (Group B vs C) Standings

With Group A out of the picture, fan-favorite teams Fnatic and Soul seemed to be doing better. Fnatic got their first Chicken Dinner of the day with 30 points and 10 kills, followed by SouL with 22 points and 8 kills.

In 3rd and 4th place were Godlike and Insane, who have been a little quiet throughout the day, but they gave a pleasant surprise with their performance this match with 12 kills and 8 kills respectively.

Match 6: Vikendi (Group B vs C)

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Match 6: Vikendi (Group B vs C) Standings

Mega X has 3 bad games with only 9 points overall, but they ended the day with their own Chicken Dinner and 7 kills, giving them a huge boost for tomorrow. However, the highlight of this match was Mayhem. They got 11 kills and claimed second place, followed by team SouL with 8 kills.

Day 2 of the PMCO South Asia is going to happen soon. The top 8 teams after Day 1 have almost guaranteed their slots in the PMCO South Asia Finals. But there are 16 slots available so other teams still have a good chance if they can try their best on the second day.

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The top team of the South Asia region will get $60,000

Teams who make it through the PMCO Playins will not only get a chance to be qualified for the PMCO Grand Finals but also get prize money based on their rank. Especially, the first-place team will get $60,000 and the second-place team will get $30,000.

The PMCO South Asia Finals will start on 8th November with 16 teams. Only 1st and 2nd place teams are going directly to the PMCO Grand Finals. 3rd to 5th place teams will have another chance through the PMCO Prelims.