What is it like to be the people on the top? Are they the same as us commoners?  How are they different from us? How is it like to be the one?

All those questions will be answered in this new PUBG Mobile documentary, where they follow the three best and most loved Indian PUBG Mobile players Naman Mathur (MortaL), Tanmay Singh (Scout), Gopal Sarda (Carry).

Gopal Sarda (Carry) is from Surat, a son of a local packing material manufacturer. Gopal was a very weak child. His parents used to seek for the best doctor and took care of him day and night. He loved playing PUBG Mobile, but he can never imagine that he can be in such a place as he is right now. Of course, back then, his parents didn't like seeing him playing PUBG Mobile all day. When he was back home from school, his mom always told him to help his dad at the factory. That why he used to hate that place so much, but he still helped him nonetheless. The day he got an offer from Orange Rock, realizing that it was his dream, his parents were very supportive even though they were not sure about it.

Be The One Documentary Ft Mortal Scout And Carry 1 F9a0_wm
Realizing gaming is his dream, Carry's parents were very supportive

Tanmay Singh (Scout) is the best PUBG Mobile in India at the moment. However, he didn't dream to be a professional PUBG Mobile at first. When he was a kid, he loved soccer and wanted to be a professional soccer player one day. Scout's father wanted him to take over the family business, but Scout wants something for his own, something that he creates all by himself. Soccer was everything to Scout back then and he actually made it to the national level and played professionally multiple times. He was a promising player and his dream was to go to Berlin. However, during a Division One team tryout, he tore his hamstring, forcing him to give up his dream. But he moved on and made his second passion into a career, to become a PUBG Mobile professional player.

Be The One Documentary Ft Mortal Scout And Carry 1 6958_wm
Scout wanted to be a professional football player

Naman Mathur (MortaL) had his father passed away when he was 4 years old, so his mom was struggling to try to raise him. When MortaL first started streaming PUBG Mobile, she was extremely nervous. But now, MortaL has become the most loved PUBG Mobile player in India with thousands of fans and she is proud of him. After the PMCO Spring Split Grand Finals, MortaL took a break from the competitive scene. But now he is back and ready for the PMCO Fall Split to take on new teams and new challenges.

Be The One Documentary Ft Mortal Scout And Carry 1 1fe9_wm
MortaL's mom is happy because of his success

Being a professional player in India is not easy. Parents in India think that their kids should become doctors or engineers and to be fair, esports wasn't actually a thing 10 years ago. Everything is different now, people can play video games and make a lot of money out of it. Gaming has become an industry just like any other. But it can only happen because these people made it happen. They all have their difficulties and differences, but they have somethings in common. They overcame their own problems and they are living their dream as professional PUBG Mobile players.

The PMCO Regional Finals are coming close and they all know what they need to do and what they still need to improve. Make sure you don't miss out on the actions tomorrow.