he original PC version of PUBG was the source of the Battle Royale craze back then, as it was the first game to successfully bring the true 100 men free for all multiplayer to fruition. While earlier games like H1Z1 also have some Battle Royale vibes, PUBG was the true originator of the style, as many games imported ideas and concepts from it. The most copied concept is probably the ever-changing safe zone, as it is the best way to rouse those players and get them out of their comfort locations.

PUBG definitely did quite a few things right, as it was the first successful game designed around the Battle Royale concept. While its popularity has waned over the years, the mobile version of it is still going strong at various markets such as India.

In our article below, we would list out some of the best aspects that other Battle Royale games should learn from PUBG.

1 – Realistic Designs

Erangel6 1024x523
The realistic design was one of the best parts of PUBG Mobile

Devoid of all the bells and whistles, PUBG’s simplicity in design is actually one of its strongest points. There are no “building structure”, no “special skills”, just you and whatever gun you manage to scrounge up while exploring the world. Without the extra sci-fi elements, the world of PUBG feels real and immersive, which in turn contributes a great deal to gamers’ experience playing the game.

2 – Genuine Depth of Gunplay

Pubg Mobile Combat Tips 21
Creating a strategy is very important in firefights

Much similar to popular competitive shooters in the market such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, PUBG’s combat system is complex and has way more depth than that of Apex Legends, Fortnite or even Call of Duty Mobile. You have to calculate a lot of things based on the current situation you are in, such as range, bullet drop, recoil, firing mode, and even spray patterns. A weapon can perform much differently based on the player’s skill. This separate the casuals and pros, which in turn create a competitive feel to the game that other titles do not have.

3 – Pacing

The slower pace makes every victory sweeter

While its competitors are all about quick and flashy gunfights that happen from one end of the map to the other, PUBG’s fights have a slower buildup. This pace, in turn, enables more options and strategizing – you have to plan and calculate your next moves instead of just going around shooting randomly.

Overall, PUBG is a trendsetter, and every game who wants to take a bite of the battle royale cake would have to learn something from its example.

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