Data released from Sensor Tower have shown us that PUBG Mobile is the highest-grossing during January in the mobile games category.

Top Grossing Games Worldwide for January 2020
The best performing mobile games of January 2020

PUBG Mobile made Tencent an additional $176.3 million, which is 4 times the revenue back in January 2019. By September 2019 alone, its revenue growth has gone up by 540%. Most of that revenue came from China, which made up 52.8% of the total revenue in January 2020. The U.S. contributed the 2nd most to the total revenue, at 13,7%. Turkey comes third at 5.5%.

PUBG Mobile reached its lifetime revenue of $1.5 billion just by the end of last year. Globally, PUBG Mobile has increased its presence massively and is now the most popular Battle Royale game, even leaving giants like Fortnite behind. It was also the 5th most downloaded mobile game of January, which means its gap versus similar competitors continues to widen.

pubg mobile fortnite
PUBG Mobile is leaving its competition in the dust

Not just PUBG Mobile, but Tencent's other game, Honor of Kings, brought home an extra $151.3 million in the same time frame and is just behind its cousin when it comes to global revenue in January 2020. In comparison to January last year, this was an increase of 25% in revenue, with China making up 94.6% of the total revenue share. Safe to say that Tencent is simply brushing its competitors aside right now.

Other chart-toppers

Candy Crush Saga was the 3rd highest-grossing game of January. Its company, King, looks to be bringing a video game classic, Crash Bandicoot, to the mobile platform

candy crush saga
Candy Crush Saga continues to be an addictive match-three game

At fourth place is Lilith Games' AFK Arena, which made a total of $88.3 million. Despite the company coming from China, the game only came out in the country just last month, which explains its surge in revenue. The last in top 5 is Clash of Clans by Supercell, which dipped a bit from its best-ever performance in December last year.

Interestingly, Lilith Games is the only company other than Tencent to have two games in the top 10 chart. Its other game, Rise of the Kingdoms, made the 10th place and generated $63.1 million in revenue. January 2020 was actually its best month so far.