PUBG Mobile’s developers have always been trying to innovate its gameplay in order to keep the game fresh – and that’s why the seasonal updates are always the biggest and most elaborate ones. This week, season 12 and its Royale Pass would be part of the update. The season’s pass is going to be officially named by Tencent as “2gether We Play!” and is going to hit iOS and Android very soon.

Pubg Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass
New contents that are going to be added in the season pass

Both Season 12 and the Royale Pass would be made available on the same day: March 9, 2020. Afterward, players can begin to accumulate points for the pass to progress towards the new unlocks. Outside of the pass, there would also be season 12’s rewards and events in the upcoming weeks as well, with this being PUBG Mobile’s second anniversary.

About the Royale Pass:

According to Tencent, you would get to pick between two ultimate sets in the Royale Pass upgrades, along with an array of new anniversary-themed items. For the occasion, they have improved the overlay of the Purchase and Upgrade interface and added further support for Exclusive Vouchers.

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Rewards for the Royale Pass of this season - you would have to pick between the two legendary sets at the end of the pass chain

Bonus prizes would be available for players who haven’t bought a Royale Pass in the last three seasons and players who registered from season 1 but have never bought a Royale Pass before. Overall, if you are looking to spend on PUBG Mobile for the first time, this pass is probably the biggest bundle value.

About the content updates:

The patch would include various new content to celebrate PUBG Mobile’s second year – the event would start on Thursday, March 12, with various new interesting in-game activities to entice fans. Erangel would get a slight overhaul, with a completely new location spawning onto the map during matches in Classic Mode. An old amusement park would appear on one out of three locations on the map. This option is called Erangel Amusement Park Mode – and it would be able during Classic matchmaking.

Season 12 is going to be super flashy, much more than the previous seasons

Interactive Arcade Machines would be placed strategically in major towns and amusement parks – which can be triggered with Tokens. Players would be able to join Space War, Hunt Game, Shooting Ranger, What’s in the Box, Reverse Bungee, and Trampoline. High-rise Reverse Bungee is a machine placed in the middle of the park, with the ability to launch players into the air again – they can use their parachute to glide to other locations afterward.

The arctic mode would not be available right away - the developers are still testing it at the moment

The Celebration Event of PUBG Anniversary would be a public event – all players on the server would have to work together to beat the event goals and unlock the rewards server-wide. There would still be individual events, of course, with event rankings giving players points reward based on their current rank.

The final piece of content planned for Season 12 that’s not going to be part of March 12’s update is the new Arctic Mode. This game mode would be based on Classic Mode gameplay, with additional arctic storms that spawn frequently. The mode would be played on Vikendi, of course

Players would need to keep their body temperature high enough using various items – if they fail to do that, their health would decrease continuously.

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