PUBG, due to the dwindling player base, is trying to gather together enough data to create a whole new Ranked Matchmaking system. So far, the tests have been specially designed in order to improve the current algorithm to rate and rank players - with that step completed, PUBG Lab would now be dedicated to creating a ruleset for the new Ranked Competitive Mode.

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The developers from PUBG Corps will be working on the data gathered from tests and individual feedback from players so that the new Ranked Matchmaking could be as close as possible to what people envisioned it to be. The starting point for the new ruleset would be a combination of the current esports and public rulesets.

Details for PUBG Ranked Ruleset test:

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This ranked ruleset can even be ported to PUBG Mobile

The Matchmaking test would be held using both first and third-person game modes on three maps: Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. Each map would have 64 people, similar to the ruleset of an Esports match. Additionally, the ranked matchmaking would be squads only, which means no duos and solos are allowed.

The reason behind the Ruleset Change:

Overall, PUBG Corps want to reduce the impact of random elements as much as possible in order to provide players with fair competition. Because of that, the spawn rate of all items on Ranked would be increased across all maps - especially useful weapons and items. Primary weapons, level two vests and helmets, first aid kits and scopes would spawn more often.

The event is active right now in PUBG

With fewer players around, the speed of the Blue Zone would be modified. While the first few safe zones would be relatively similar to the current version, later zones would be faster and faster as the game progresses.

Other changes include the position of the starting plane route and the removal of the motor Glider. While they have considered removing Flare Guns and Red Zones, those elements are still going to be part of the game... for now.

Players would be able to test this new rule set in PUBG Lab until the end of March 8.