Sniper rifles are one of the main types of weapons in PUBG Mobile. As maps in PUBG Mobile can be as large as several kilometers, sniper rifles are very important to take down enemies from far away safely. However, not all sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile are the same and some of them are just so bad that you would want to replace them as soon as possible. Here, we have made a list to pick out the best snipers in PUBG Mobile that you should use and the worst snipers in PUBG Mobile that you should avoid.

Best Snipers In Pubg Mobile
Sniper rifles are really powerful in PUBG Mobile

List Of The Best Snipers In PUBG Mobile - From Best To Worst

1. AWM

There is no doubt that AWM is the best sniper in PUBG Mobile because of one simple reason, it is the only weapon that can one-shot a player with a level 3 helmet. Apart from that, it has an amazing bullet speed and power, which makes it more accurate and deals more damage in a longer distance when compared to other weapons. The only downside of this weapon is that it is very rare as it only appears in drop crates. It also only uses its own type of bullet which is very limited.

AWM sniper in PUBG Mobile
AWM is the best in this list of the best snipers in PUBG Mobile

2. MK14

On the second place is the MK14, which is also a sniper rifle from drop crates. The Mk14 is a DMR so it doesn't have the ability to one-shot a player with an Lv 2 Helmet or higher. However, it still has the highest damage among all the DMRs in PUBG Mobile. It can perform multiple single shots in quick succession so it is a great option to take down moving players. The Mk14 also has an auto-fire mode, making it also a deadly weapon in close-range combats. However, you are going to need an Extended Mag for this purpose because it only has 10 bullets per magazine initially. This weapon also has an insane amount of recoil, making it really hard to use for new players.

Mk14 in PUBG Mobile
Mk14 is one of the best snipers in PUBG Mobile

One thing that few players know about the Mk14 is that it has a bipod. That means you can totally spray with the Mk14 easily while prone.

3. M24

M24 is one of the three weapons in PUBG Mobile that can one-shot a player with a Level 2 Helmet, making it one of the best snipers in PUBG Mobile. You can find the M24 mostly in Miramar, where the map is huge and there are many spots for sniping. However, the spawn rate of the M24 isn't very high so it is not as popular as Kar98. The M24 is the best weapon that you can collect outside of drop crates.

M24 In Pubg Mobile
The M24 is the upgraded version of Kar98

4. Kar98

Kar98 is one of the most popular weapons in PUBG Mobile. Almost all the best sniping in PUBG Mobile that you have seen on YouTube was done by Kar98. If someone mentions about a sniper in PUBG Mobile, everyone will immediately think of the Kar98.  It is only slightly weaker than the M24 by a very small margin but you can find it much easier than the M24. It is not the most powerful weapon in PUBG Mobile, but it the favorite weapon of many players.

Kar 98 In Pubg Mobile
Kar98 makes the best sniping in PUBG mobile

5. Mini 14

The Mini 14 is the only sniper in PUBG Mobile that uses 5.56mm ammo, along with its counterpart QBU in Sanhok. Thanks to this fact, this DMR gives players a really good control over their accuracy with fast fire rate and low recoil. However, it has lower damage than most other snipers so it's harder to finish other players quickly with this weapon. Nonetheless, it is still a very solid option for most situations to make the best sniping in PUBG Mobile happen.

Mini 14 In Pubg Mobile
The Mini 14 is a good option for most situations

6. SKS

There are 2 kinds of players in PUBG Mobile, players who love the SKS and players who hate the SKS. The SKS is a DMR that uses 7.62mm bullets. It has high power, high damage which compensates for its high recoil. The SKS is very easy to find in every map of PUBG Mobile just like the Mini 14. While having high recoil, the SKS has an extra attachment slot for a Grip to make it easier to control. A fully attached SKS can be a really scary weapon as it is the combination of both stability and power. That why there are a lot of players who love this weapon.

SKS In Pubg Mobile
The SKS with full attachment can be very scary

7. SLR

The SLR is one of the newer weapons in PUBG Mobile. It has a lot of power and it will hit your enemy pretty hard. However, it has one major downside which is the recoil. While the SKS also has an insane recoil, you can totally compensate that by throwing in attachments. The SLR doesn't have a Grip slot so most players will have a hard time using this weapon. The SLR is also a pretty rare weapon to find than Mini 14 or the SKS so you won't actually have many chances to practice with it in real matches.

SLR In Pubg Mobile
The SLR is strong but rare and has lots of recoils

8. VSS

The VSS is the kind of weapon that you would use over pistols and sometimes shotguns. It is the only sniper in PUBG Mobile that uses 9mm bullets. That means it has a really low damage stat, effective range, and bullet travel distance. The default capacity of the VSS is 10 bullets per magazine and the recoil is horrible. Being a really low-stat weapon, it still has some merit that can make it useful in some very specific situations. The VSS comes with a default 3x scope and Silencer, making it really hard for enemies to spot your position.

VSS In Pubg Mobile
The VSS has too low stat to be good

9. Win 94

Win 94 is the latest sniper rifle that was added to the game recently and it is also the worst sniper in the game currently. The main reason for this is that the Win 94 cannot attach any kind of scope to it. We are talking about a sniper rifle, which is supposed to take down enemies from far away but cannot attach a scope. Other than that, it has a decent fire rate when compared to other snipers and still has enough damage to one-shot a player with a Level 1 Helmet. The Win94 in PUBG PC has a built-in 3x scope. But even with a scope, the Win94 still cannot be one of the best snipers in PUBG Mobile.

Win94 In Pubg Mobile
Win94 is a sniper rifle that can't use a scope

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