Brothers In Arms PUBG is a new feature that the developers bring PUBG Mobile players. It lets pro and experienced players help their newbie friends to get better in the game. Moreover, both trainers and trainees can get rewards. Check it out here with

What Is Brothers In Arms In PUBG Mobile?

PUBG is a fierce battle where noob players often die soon when they meet pro or experienced players. It often takes rookies time to get better in this game. In the beginning, when their rank and tier are low, newbies will meet more bots to get familiar with the gameplay. However, when you rank up but your skills do not level up, you will be in trouble.

Brothers In Arms Pubg
The new feature Brothers In Arms PUBG has come to PUBG Mobile players on March 3rd

Once you rank up in Free Fire, you will meet more real players than bots. And noobs will be killed with ease by pro players. That’s normal in this game. To make newbies upgrade their skill and do not get bored with too much parachuting, developers introduced Brothers In Arms PUBG feature. It lets rookies, especially those who are getting stuck in improving their skills, learn from experienced players.

Pubg Mobile Brothers In Arms
Newbies can join PUBG Mobile Brothers In Arms to learn from experienced players and get more victory

By launching PUBG Brothers in Arms feature, the publishers hope to keep more players stick to the game. This new feature has come to PUBG Mobile players days ago in the new update on March 3rd. Along with it, PUBG Corp. also released a video introducing the new feature. You can check it out here.

How To Play Brothers In Arms PUBG Mobile?

According to the introduction of the game publisher, an experienced player will play with an inexperienced player in this mode. Veterans will play and help rookies get stronger faster than when newbies play alone. The rookies will get improved in their skills while the veterans will get rewards from PUBG Mobile Brothers in Arms.

brothers in arms pubg
The Requirements You Need To Meet To Play As Veterans In Brother In Arms Mode

This feature is available in Classic mode. You can gain tier points to rank up in PUBG Mobile when playing Brothers In Arms PUBG. If your tier in the current Royale Pass season is Gold or above in Duo or Squad mode, you can register as a veteran. In addition, this feature is active in the server, perspective, and game mode (duo or squad) of your best tier.

brothers in arms pubg
PUBG Brothers In Arms is only available in Classic Mode and the server, perspective, and game mode (duo or squad) of your best tier.

For example, your highest tier is in Asia server, FPP and squad, you can play as a veteran in this mode. Then, you can find your rookie or accept rookies’ invitations. Playing with them, you can train your rookie and share with him your glory as an experienced PUBG Mobile player. Experienced players can help their friends get stronger soon in this new game mode. 

brothers in arms pubg
Here are requirements to register and play as a rookie in PUBG Mobile's new feature Brothers in Arms

As a rookie, you can invite experienced players to join you in a match, play with them, earn EXP and get better. To register as a rookie, you must be at least level 5 and your tier is within Bronze V to Crown I. Besides, your highest tier must be lower than Ace since you start playing PUBG Mobile. Your veteran will instruct you on how to improve in-game skills like shooting, aiming, and also strategies. Try to learn ins and outs from the veteran and become a pro player soon.

brothers in arms pubg
You Can Also Check Out Brother In Arms' Detailed Requirements Here

The veteran in Brothers In Arms PUBG Mobile can get many attractive rewards, such as classic coupon scraps and a permanent title of Special Trainer. Come and join PUBG Brother in Arms, victory is no longer out of your reach.

brothers in arms pubg
Play With Your Veterans, Complete Brothers In Arms Missions, And Collect Rewards

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Brothers In Arms PUBG Achievements

As this feature is only available in Classic mode, rookies can get EXP after each match besides precise experiences from veterans. Meanwhile, as veterans, you can get some great prizes, such as classic crate coupon scraps, premium crate coupon scraps, silver fragments, etc. Especially, veterans can get a permanent title of Special Trainer to show off in the lobby.

brothers in arms pubg
As A Veteran in Brothers In Arms PUBG Mobile, You Can Get A Lot Of Rewards, Including A Permanent Special Trainer Title

In addition, players in this mode can collect achievement points to get more rewards. You will get 5, 10, 15, or 20 points after completing 5, 10, 25, or 250 matches in a squad with your friends. Furthermore, after playing 250 squad matches with friends, players also get x10 silver fragments. After completing a thousand matches with your teammates, you collect 30 points and 2 classic coupons to redeem decent items.

brother in arms pubg
Brothers In Arms mode is available now. You can join and experience.

If you want to get points and reach the achievement point milestone sooner, a trick is dying soon. When parachuting, you can head towards the outside of the playing zone and start a new match right away. In this way, players can complete 1000 matches with friends sooner and get rewards.

brother in arms pubg
You can achieve lots of things from Brothers In Arms games, including experience, and items

Those achievement points will be added to the total achievement points. Then, once you reach a milestone of this point, you can receive great rewards, such as BP, coupons, and even rare items. So, you can achieve lots of things from Brothers In Arms PUBG Mobile, both experience and items.

brother in arms pubg
Newbies can learn a lot of experience from veterans and improve their skills in this mode.

Here are things you need to know about Brothers In Arms PUBG you need to know. This new feature brings PUBG Mobile players more exciting experiences to enjoy. To update more PUBG Mobile game news as well as tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile players, let’s visit our website.