The size of the game map is probably the most notable advantage that PUBG Mobile has over its competitors. Due to the large size, you would have to wander around to actively find other players most of the time – unless you landed into a hot zone against multiple parties. However, as time passes, the map would shrink and you would have to get to the safe zone, which is a way to ensures that the players would fight. In order to get to the zone in time, it is crucial that you make use of new vehicles in PUBG.

new vehicle in PUBG Mobile
Buggys and motorcycles are some of the most popular new vehicles in PUBG mobile.

PUBG new vehicles are the main method provided so that the players could travel around the map and get to their target location on time. There are various choices of new vehicles in PUBG mobile, some provide both protection and speed. Vehicles are also one of the very crucial parts of squad mode, as you have to keep everyone together. Stragglers get picked off most of the time.

In this guide, we will list out some of the best new vehicles in PUBG Mobile and how to use them effectively.

How to Acquire a new vehicle in PUBG Mobile

This is actually the easier part, as there are a lot of cars, bikes and boats spawned randomly around the map. Based on the game’s designs, their spawn locations are often right next to a usable road that can navigate immediately. Below are some of the most common PUBG new vehicles:


vehicles in pubg mobile
The Buggy is really popular in PUBG Mobile

This two-person vehicle is amongst the most popular, with decent speed and easy handling. It is pretty common and can be found on pretty much every map in the game right now. Due to the fact that it can be easily controlled, you can pretty much drive it everywhere, including off-roads. The thing does not offer much protection, however.


Standard of the Erangel map, the UAZ is an incredibly tough vehicle. It has the biggest HP pool and decent speed. There are 2 variants of the UAZ, with closed and open hood, which provide different levels of protection. The only thing that you need to take note of when using this vehicle is that the UAZ can be flipped pretty easily if you are not careful. The standard UAZ can seat 4 people.


vehicles in pubg mobile
Vehicles in PUBG Mobile would blow up when out of HP

This is probably the fastest vehicle in this game, with the sidecar variant is somewhat slower. The motorcycle is easy to handle and can be used to travel everywhere, however, it offers less HP and protection than others. Up to three people can be fitted on the bike, with the one in the sidecar able to use every weapon.


The Scooter is the inferior version of the motorbike that can only be found in Sanhok. It is best not to use this vehicle, as it has a terribly low amount of HP and speed. It also has problems going uphill.

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pubg new vehicles
The Dacia is amazing amongst the new vehicles of PUBG Mobile

Another unique vehicle in the Sanhok map. This is pretty much an upgraded scooter, with the same speed, slightly higher HP, and can seat more people. It is still a pretty bad vehicle – best to avoid unless absolutely needed.


The Dacia is probably the best new vehicle in PUBG. It is a four-seater car that can be found exclusively in Erangel. While the thing doesn’t look much, it is the fastest car on the map, slower than only the motorcycle. While the Dacia has a smaller HP pool, its profile is rather small – hard to shoot at from afar.


pubg new vehicles
The buggy is a very useful vehicle that everyone has encountered at least once

The Mirado found in Miramar is as fast as a motorcycle and has the same advantage as the Dacia. However, it is rather hard to drive the thing off roads, as it is rather hard to handle due to the higher speed. Going around on the road is not a good idea most of the time, as those places are filled with enemies.


The bus is very slow and hard to control – it is not recommended to use this vehicle at all. While it has a big HP pool, the lower speed and big profile make it a prime target. Trying to use that vehicle off roads would get you nowhere. For a guide about the top 5 vehicles, please check this post out.


pubg new vehicles
The pickup truck is probably one of the best new vehicles in PUBG Mobile

Amongst the best option in the map, the pickup has decent speed and handling, which make traveling around in PUGB Mobile a breeze. Four people can be seated in the car.


The pickup truck of Sanhok, with the lowest engine sound, decent speed, and handling. Overall the perfect vehicle for the map.

How to control and fight while driving a new vehicle in PUBG Mobile

new vehicles in pubg
Hitting your foe with new vehicles in PUBG Mobile

You can pick between “Drive” and “Get in” when next to a vehicle. When you are in the driving seat, your screen would change. The up and down buttons are for speed, while the left and right are for steering. The final button on the lower right edge is for seat swapping. You would not want to be inside a burning vehicle, as the thing would cause heavy damage when explodes. Get out as soon as possible, even if the car is running. Please check out Gurugamer's home page for more PUBG news.

pubg new vehicles
Vehicles are very important in PUBG Mobile

You can try popping tires when going against a car, as they will be slowed down heavily afterward. Try to aim for the head when shooting at the players who are using vehicles, as it would definitely be faster than hitting the car itself.

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