Vehicles are an important aspect of PUBG Mobile. Not only do they provide a way to get around the map more quickly and escape the blue circle, but they also have offensive and defensive uses. You can use them to run over enemies, or hide in them to avoid gunfire. There are many kinds of vehicles in this game, and here are our picks for the top 5:


Pubg Buggy

This is the best vehicle for solo play in PUBG. It has a metal back seat that protects the driver from gunshots from behind, and it is not easy to flip. While its engine is on the small side, the frame is also a lot lighter, meaning this vehicle is fast. However, without any armor plating or paneling, it leaves its driver wide open to incoming fire.


Pubg Desert Map Battlegrounds 888315

You can think of the Pickup as the Miramar equivalent of the UAZ: Both vehicles come in 2 variants: Open or closed top, and both have approximately the same max speeds. With its high ground clearance, this vehicle is very good at traversing the rough desert terrain of Miramar.


Steel Rain Uaz 0

The UAZ is an incredibly durable and robust vehicle. In reality, it was used in the armed forces of the Soviet and many Eastern European countries. In PUBG Mobile, this behemoth of a vehicle can carry up to 4 players at once, and it packs enough muscle to provide solid cover and can even smash enemy vehicles if you ram into them at high speed.



The Van was introduced to PUBG Mobile alongside the Miramar map. Even though this six-seat vehicle has low max speed and force, it is the most durable one in the game. As a result, the Van can be used in several tactical situations.


Pubg Mobile Header

More specifically, a motorcycle without a sidecar. It can only accommodate a driver and a passenger and offers no protection whatsoever. However, the motorcycle is all about speed, as it far outclasses any other vehicle in this aspect. Additionally, it is very light and fuel efficient. This is the vehicle to go to if you want to get somewhere as fast as possible.