In the latest update of PUBG in Season 6, Vikendi has been temporarily removed for the new map Karakin and the developer promised that it will be back in the future after they made some changes.

Karakin replaced Vikendi in the last Season 6 update of PUBG

Just now, on the official Twitter channel PUBG Partners, they revealed that Vikendi is going to return to PUBG  in a week, but it might no longer the old Vikendi that you once knew anymore.

PUBG has announced the return of Vikendi this weekend with a train running around the map

According to the leak information from YouTuber PlayerIGN, Vikendi will have a new express train that goes around the map, changes to some area, and most of the snow being removed. This new train on Vikendi is likely to be inspired by the train in Apex Legends. The train in Apex Legends has 6 cars with loots and goes around the map with stopping points in big cities. However, in the picture above, the train in PUBG seems to only have 4 closed cabins.

With the snow removed, the map will sadly become less unique but on the bright side, it will be easier to spot enemies without the snow. The Ghillie suit will probably be changed to fit the new environment too.

Vikendis Returning With A New Express Train In Pat
The new Vikendi will be much less snowy than you remember

We haven't got any further information about Vikendi yet, but it will come to the Test Server for PUBG streamers from March 5 to March 8. Keep your eyes on your favorite streamers to get a chance to join their lobby and try out the new Vikendi as soon as possible and give feedback to the dev so they can make the map better.

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