While the mobile version of PUBG is flourishing, the PC version of PUBG seems to have crashed into yet another obstacle. After the newest 6.2 updates, the whole player base of the game went to its official subreddit and fill it out with rage and complaints about the issue currently happening to their once-beloved battle royale.

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The player base has been dropping out greatly since 2018

Currently, while PUBG remains incredibly popular, its player base has been slowly dropping out. The stream of constantly updated contents did not do enough to stem the bleed.

In April 2018, PUBG’s peak, daily concurrent player of the game was 1.1 million, with the daily peak being 2.5 million. After less than 2 years, the number has dwindled down to about less than 25% of the peak, around 250 thousand. While this is still a formidable number, this is still a massive drop for such a hit game that was supported so much in the past.

A long list of issues players are currently experience

The reason behind this drop can pretty much be decoded from the Reddit comments. Overall, people are very annoyed that the developers have prioritized adding new content instead of fixing existing bugs and performance issues of the game. These things have been amongst the biggest issue of PUBG ever since its launch – they haven’t been able to fix them all yet after years.

Even Choco Taco, one of the most positive streamers of the game currently, has decided to drop it for Call of Duty Battle Royale

The most prevalent issues currently are aimbot hackers, random crashes, and lag when aiming down sights (which actually affect the quality of gameplay greatly, as sights are very important in PUBG’s long-range combats). Even the Sound system is broken, with some players have to tab out to adjust their volume on the go: Sometimes the sound is too low, sometimes its too loud. A lot of angry players on Reddit are threatening about mass quitting if the 6.2 updates are not rolled back. However, this is highly unlikely to happen.

You can get stuck underground of a building

PUBG's developers have to get their game together as soon as possible if they want to salvage the current situation - by communicating more to the player base and figure out what they want. This would also affect PUBG Mobile as well, as the overall creative direction of the game is still based on the original PUBG on PC.

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