Finally, PUBG’s developer decided to issue a public apology in order to pacify the angry mob. After the 6.2 updates, the whole game has been suffering numerous issues in both performance and connection, with random lag spikes, frame rate drops, and even crashes. In the apology, they partly blamed the severe DDoS attacks that the servers have suffered in both Nov 2019 and earlier this month.

Building texture glitch

Overall, PUBG’s core application is very badly designed, with some issues that have been part of the game since launch. The game actually reacts to various hardware differently – and because of that, it is nigh impossible to reproduce every bug reported. While the developers promise to fix the bugs, they have already done that numerous times before – something would still happen, but probably not much.

Wallhack in PUBG is the most common

During the past few months, the angry fans have been flooding social media platforms with angry comments and such – most of those pointing to how terrible the game state is right now and how PUBG developers have done nothing to solve those issues.

PUBG's player count has been dropping steadily

The reason behind the unexpected issues after the 6.2 updates is the inclusion of DDoS protection. Currently, they are testing solutions to mitigate DDoS on their servers by using a third-party provider with lesser infrastructure capability – due to the distance between the servers, pings and network issues skyrocketed. The company did not disclose this information to the public in order to not tipping up their hands to the DDoS attacker, who is getting traced at that moment.

In the future, PUBG Devs are going to implement an in-house solution to reduce the impact of DDoS attacks, however, they would still remain an issue for quite a while. Finally, about combating cheaters, the developers also said that they have been assembling multiple teams to work on this issue – with an upgrade in early March to assess the problem. For more information about the outrage of PUBG fans, please check out this post.