Game rage in competitive matches is a regular affair. But this time, game rage on live stream reached to a level next after Tanmay Singh aka Scout after being killed in recently held scrims called up his opponent Chetan Chandgude aka Kronten and abused him for his act. However, it seems fans have not taken this incident in a good light. A few months back, he landed into controversy for abusing his fans on his livestream through podium of DreamHack in Delhi.

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Kronten is one of the humblest YouTube streamers from Maharashtra.

Scout has over 736k subscribers on his YouTube channel while Kronten has over 1.8 million followers on his YouTube channel. He was livestreaming scrims when Team Fnatic managed to eliminate team LCraftesport during Miramar map gameplay. Team Fnatic was surviving with good kill count when suddenly, Kronten finds Scout in an open space and knocks him out. Kronten did not stop there, he goes ahead and finishes him out of the match.

Scout was seen instructing his teammates that they should rush on Kronten as he is the only player left from his team. Team Fnatic killed Kronten. After which Scout called Kronten and addressed him a whore for knocking and finishing him despite being the only player left in the team. He told him that he should have stayed till the end to gain survival points rather than giving out his location despite knowing that three players in his team were alive.

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Team Fnatic has been qualified for the upcoming PMPL matches.

Kronten is heard explaining that he thought it was the only player left in the team leading to his call for action. However, it seems, Kronten took the rage in a light mood and did not react to the entire incident. But Kronten fans continued to slam Scout for using abusive words on livestream. Scout has always been considered as one of the raging gamers in the Indian esports scene. He had a showdown with fans of MortaL when he ended up abusing them during the live stream.