People who have played both PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC know that PUBG Mobile has some additional features that make the game more comfortable to play such as sound prompts, auto picking up weapons and attachment, auto opening door,... These features are sure handy and helped a lot of players get to know PUBG Mobile and focus on the main objective of the game. However, as there are a lot of experienced players in the game, they want to have something more challenging to overcome. Now they have it. PUBG Mobile has just implemented a new system in PUBG Mobile called Hardcore mode where all these conveniences are no longer available and people will have to do everything manually.

PUBG Mobile releases hardcore mode for players who want more challenges in the game

While no auto picking up weapons and attachments can be a little bit annoying only, no sound prompts can be a huge problem, especially for people who don't use headphones. Sometimes the sound can be too subtle for you to notice in the middle of the battle and other players can sneak up on you easier.

We are not sure how long this mode will last, but it seems that everyone likes it a lot so it's will likely appear often in PUBG Mobile from time to time.

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PUBG Mobile sound prompts will be disabled

In other news, the 0.17.0 update has just come to PUBG Mobile yesterday, bringing tons of news adjustments, features to the game. The Death Camera is now available for players to watch how they were killed. There is a new shotgun called DBS, which only appear in drop crate. The Colorblind mode is also added.

PUBG Mobile is having a big celebration on March 12 for the 2nd Anniversary

The 2nd Anniversary of PUBG  Mobile is coming close. Join PUBG Mobile to celebrate it on March 12.

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