MortaL, the most beloved PUBG Mobile YouTuber and player in India has reached the mark of 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. It has been a long road for him ever since he became a PUBG Mobile streamer 2 years ago. MortaL hit 2 million subscribers in May last year and it only took him 10 months to get to 4 million thanks to his wonderful performance in PUBG Mobile tournaments and his stream.

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MortaL only took 2 years to reach the mark of 4 million subscribers

To celebrate this success, he has made a video recording his celebration with the SouL family and uploaded it on YouTube to share his joy with the fans. you can watch the video on MortaL YouTube channel or just check it out right below.

PUBG Mobile also noticed this occasion and sent MortaL a mysterious gift box to thanks him for his dedication to creating content for PUBG Mobile and helping the community. After unboxing the gift, MortaL and his friend move on to the celebration cake and "happy birthday to 4 million." After enjoying a little bit of the cake, they start to move on to the main event. MortaL becomes the spotlight as his friends start using the cake to decorate MortaL's face and take a selfie.

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MortaL decorate his face with the cake as a special gift for him

As MortaL hit an important mark of his career, let's be happy for our favorite PUBG Mobile player and wish him good luck in the future, especially in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia.

The PUBG Mobile Pro League will be starting in a few weeks from now. There is a total of 14 Indian teams will join the PMPL South Asia, you can find the full teams list in this article: PMCO 2020 India Finals Overall Results, List Of 9 Teams To The PMPL