CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar a renowned YouTuber recently challenged Naman Mathur aka MortaL for a 1v1 PUBG Mobile match. For the very first time, two YouTubers with huge fan following will face each other in a challenge match. The date has been announced on 16 March but there is a twist to the challenge. CarryMinati will face the challenge of playing on his mobile phone.

Carryminati Streaming
CarryMinati recently achieved 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

CarryMinati has never played PUBG Mobile through his cellphone. He has been an emulator player and challenging professional PUBG Mobile players like MortaL will require a lot of practicing before the match day. So it's none other than the arch-rival of MortaL, Fnatic Scout aka Tanmay Singh who is training CarryMinati to cope up and face the 1v1 challenge.

Teaching gyroscope mode to a player unknown to mobile gaming will surely be a hectic task. But since the challenge video has been posted by Nagar, it has gone viral on social media platforms. After which MortaL gave his reply on his live stream and accepted the challenge.

MortaL accepted the challenge during his live stream and commented on the video posted by CarryMinati

However, fans of both streamers are now divided and the countdown has begun. Both streamers with their huge fan army will have a clash on 16 March. The hype has already begun with fans talking about the mega clash on social media platforms. "I think MortaL will surely win the match. He is a professional player. But challenging MortaL itself is a mega task for carrying. I hope he does not lose the upcoming match with a huge margin", said Suren Rao, a follower of both Carry and MortaL.

Fans have started talking about the clash on all social media platforms.

Arpita Khanna aka Demolition said, "For me, the clash of these two mega YouTubers will be full of fun. I think CarryMinati is a happy go lucky streamer. He believes in entertaining the audience rather than being a try-hard player. His streams and MortaL's banter will surely entertain the audience on 16 March."