PUBG Mobile is one of the best games ever released in India’s mobile gaming market. With an enormous fanbase and multiple huge tournaments held, the future of the game in India is pretty bright, with a lot of attention focused on it. However, PUBG’s success has inspired a lot of companies to emulate it – and in the Indian market, the biggest competitor is probably Call of Duty Mobile, which was also published by Tencent.

call of duty vs pubg mobile
PUBG Mobile is currently the king of mobile games in India

In this article, would analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both games, and how Call of Duty vs PUBG is the next big conflict in the gaming world in the country. Call of Duty was amongst the biggest FPS franchise on PC, with games released annually – and because of that, they have a lot of experience in the game design department. Their games on PC are focused equally on both singleplayer and multiplayer, with a lot of additions and balance changes all over the years. Because of this, they only have to do some minimal gameplay adjustment when porting.

We will be comparing PUBG vs Call of Duty in the following three categories: Game mode, Gameplay, Maps & Graphics.

Call of Duty vs PUBG Mobile: Game Modes

Beside Battle Royale mode, there are a total of five modes Call of Duty Mobile: Free-for-all, Deathmatch, Frontline, Domination, and Search & Destroy. All those modes are focused on the usual FPS trope, with players forming into two teams and going against each other with infinite respawn. The fast-paced actions are the main selling point of Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG, as this is definitely easier to grasp to new players.

pubg vs call of duty
PUBG vs Call of Duty: CoD has much faster gameplay even in the battle royale mode

PUBG Mobile, in comparison, is slower with its core game being battle royale. The Arcade modes are exceptions – they are much closer to Call of Duty Mobile’s gameplay. Overall, while PUBG Mobile’s Classic mode has its charm, newer players might get put off by it due to it being a slower and drawn-out battle.

call of duty vs pubg mobile
PUBG has higher system requirements than Call of Duty Mobile while looking not nearly as good

Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale mode is more or less the mobile version of Black Ops. Everything is very similar: there are score streak perks, zombie, custom classes, and more. The style of gameplay is rather different from PUBG Mobile, with the main focus being the abilities of each class.

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Call of Duty vs PUBG: Gameplay

While they are both FPS games, the two titles are distinctly different. The details are subtle and can take a while to be understood – Call of Duty’s guns, bullet speed, recoil, damage and shooting styles are much different than what you might be used to in PUBG.

call of duty vs pubg mobile
Call of Duty vs PUBG Mobile: Guns in PUBG have very different statuses and quirks

Firstly, we need to point out the biggest difference between Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG: the custom classes of Call of Duty. Before joining a Battle Royale game, you have to pick a loadout and the class you are going to be. This is pretty much absent in PUBG – you would drop into the map without any items and have to gather everything from the world.

Secondly, the control schemes of the two games are more or less the same, with button layouts for movement, shooting and aiming being nearly identical. There is an extra shooting mode in Call of Duty Mobile, however. In this mode, the gun would automatically shoot when the crosshair is on top of hostile targets.

call of duty mobile vs pubg
There are a lot of customization in Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG

Thirdly, the statistics of the guns. Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile are harder to control in general. Bullet drops in this game are much higher than the usual and you would have difficulties in hitting targets at long range with anything but a sniper rifle. The recoils in Call of Duty Mobile is pretty high as well - which in turn make hip firring very unreliable unless you are experienced.

Call of Duty vs PUBG Mobile: Map & Graphics

Call of Duty Mobile has a lot of maps – most of them were taken from previous famous Call of Duty games, with the notable being Crash, Nuketown, Killhouse and Hijack. The Battle Royale map is a huge landmass contain various smaller locations based on the normal maps. PUBG Mobile is probably the opposite – it has only four intricately designed maps, with distinct themes.

call of duty mobile vs pubg
The overall graphics and texture in Call of Duty Mobile is a lot better than PUBG's

Map design-wise, both games are excellent – each and every single map was created with a different purpose. For example in PUBG Sanhok would be the heavy combat map and Miramar would be pretty slow-paced. Graphically, Call of Duty Mobile was optimized better than PUBG – the game definitely runs faster than PUBG Mobile on the same system. Overall, this is partly due to the size of the maps in PUBG Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile also has better details, texture, and effects as well

Call of Duty vs PUBG Mobile: Verdict

Tencent, who is working on developing both PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, has done an amazing job. The two games are different in core gameplay and have their own strength and weaknesses – while PUBG Mobile has a better battle royale mode, Call of Duty’s normal modes are much better crafted than PUBG Mobile’s arcades.

call of duty mobile vs pubg
Currently, PUBG is still way more popular than Call of Duty Mobile, however, as its gameplay has way more depth

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