Along with a bunch of other projects that Riot announced earlier, there is an FPS game called "Project A." Through the gameplay video of Project A released by riot previously, the game is going to have a character system with many unique characters for different roles in the game like Overwatch. Today, we just found out that Project A is probably is going to be released under the name Valorant. Let's check out some of the images that have been leaked from Valorant.

The latest leak image of Valorant of a map that looks like the Mirage map in CS:GO

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Valorant graphics have the same style as League of Legend, quite smooth and cartoonish



A character called Sage was leaked in one of the images, giving us more information about characters in Valorant.  It seems that each character will have a total of 4 skills that revolve around a certain theme. In this case, Sage is a defense character with 4 skills that involve her Orb called Barrier Orb, Slow Orb, Healing Orb. As each ability says EQUIP, we assume that a character can only use 1 skill at a time.

The leaked screenshot of Valorant shows a character called Sage with 4 skills that revolving around her Orb

There are also 2 other characters called Brimstone and Viper in the picture which might be a support and offense character.

So far CS:GO has been the best FPS esports in the world for a long time. Can this new FPS title form Riot change this and take the throne of it? Especially when CS:GO just broke its own concurrently players count record twice in just a few weeks.

According to the source of this leak, the release date of  Valorant is also going to announce very soon so stay tuned and we will update you on the latest news about this game.