The PUBG Mobile Pro League 2020 South Asia is getting closer and closer for the best PUBG Mobile teams from India and South Asia region to compete with each other. There is a total of 20 teams in the PMPL 2020 South Asia, including 14 Indian teams and South Asia teams.

Most players in these teams are really young. They are mostly in their 20s and some even are teenagers in high school. It's these players who will be the foundation for the PUBG Mobile community years to come.

However, as some are still doing their study in their school, they need to do final exams and tests to graduate, which is happening at the same time with the PMPL 2020 South Asia. That is the problem of MantyOP from Team Talimas, the team who went fourth place in the last PMCO 2020 India Spring Split, beating famous teams such as Fnatic and Macros Gaming.

Pubg Player Skip Final Exam 1
MantyOP (on the right) days he would skip the final exams

In a recent interview of MantyOP with Skyesports, he revealed that he will be skipping his final exams to play the PMPL 2020 South Asia. While the player is aware that it is important to finish his studying, he has made up his mind to be a professional esports player and follow his passion. This is his life-time chance to do that.  After all, he is among the best PUBG pro players in India at the moment with his performance in the PMCO 2020 India.

Pubg Player Skip Final Exam 2
The coronavirus has force many esports events to be postponed

This is a very bold decision from MantyOP nonetheless as an esports career is usually pretty rough as you have to be the best or be nobody. However, let's wish MantyOP the best of luck and hope that his sacrifice will pay off in the future.

The PMPL 2020 South Asia is starting in a few days but the danger of coronavirus is still there. There has been a rumor around the community that the PMPL will be canceled. Check out this article for more details: Pro PUBG Mobile Players Talk About The Rumor That PUBG Mobile Pro League South Aisa LAN Will Be Canceled.