The number of coronavirus victims in India is increasing over time. As of now, there are 39 confirmed cases of coronavirus in India. The situation is getting worse and might get out of hand really fast. Even Bollywood celebrities are warning their fans to do precautions steps and avoid crowded places to stop the virus from spreading. Many esports events have either been canceled or turned into an online event to keep everyone safe. The Free Fire Champions Cup 2020 in April will be postponed to a later date and the Free Fire India Championship 2020 will not allow audiences to get in.

PUBG Mobile is also having a huge tournament upcoming on March 12, the PUBG Mobile Pro League 2020 South Asia, where the best PUBG Mobile teams in the South Asia teams fight off each other in a LAN event. An event with such a huge scale will attract thousands of people, which can potentially turn into a place for coronavirus to spread. Fans are speculating that the PUBG Mobile Pro League will turn into an online event instead of a LAN event, considering the seriousness of the outbreak.

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A LAN event with thousands of people can be very dangerous

The famous PUBG Mobile streamer, MortaL, refuses to comment on this matter and tell his fans to stay calm until there is an official announcement. Ketan 'K18' Patel, a PUBG Mobile caster and YouTuber, has made a detailed video and uploaded it on his YouTube channel to fully explain the situation. However, he doesn't know how the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia will be changed neither.

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Going to crowded places during the outbreak is not a good idea

If the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia will truly be canceled or turned into an online event, that will be very unfortunate. However, fans need to understand that those decisions were made to ensure the safety for everyone, including fans and pro players.