PUBG Mobile update 0.17.0 has come out for a while. The number of extra features and changes in this update is one of the notable standouts compared to other updates. The update introduced to players a whole bunch of fun gameplay features and mechanics like the Amusement Park, Death Replay, Arcade mode, Universal Marks, etc.

update 0.17.0 pubg mobile
The 0.17.0 update came with a lot of nice new features but had lots of technical issues

But just like any large update for any game out there, the update came with a few problems of its own. Players complained the most about performance problems after the update. Even though PUBG Mobile has received hotfixes, players still point out problems that occur mid-match like freezes and even crashes.

PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 freezing/crashing issue

On Reddit, players voiced their complaints with update troubles, like how the game just freezes in the middle of a match causing many incomplete games. These problems occur even for high-end devices and from match to match, not just occasionally. Check out some of the complaints below:

pubg mobile update freeze crash

pubg mobile update freeze crash

Even though PUBG Mobile's hotfix notes made it clear that it fixed the connection errors causing mid-match freezes and crashes, the problem continues to persist. Like these following Twitter users who made their complaints here:

Or this one:

Even after the latest 3/12 hotfix which claims to fix problems like "Errors that occurred when using HD Audio" or "Improved low frame rate issues during battles", the freezing issue doesn't seem to really go away for many players.

Redditors complained about how the freezing is "biggest issue right now. 2 patches and still not fixed. Thanks for ruining the game". One player will "play 1 hour and freeze/restart like 3-4 times during a match. [The player] is even afraid to drive now and let [their] teammates drive because [the player] freezes so often".

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