PUBG Mobile Lite recently got an update to 0.16.0 version with a whole bunch of additional features to the game, called Varenga in Bloom. The update changes some of PUBG Mobile Lite's gameplay mechanics and adds several new ones. The Picnic Baskets now have more chances of showing up under Cherry Blossom trees, and also a Spring Festival main menu theme is available.

pubg mobile lite update
Varenga in bloom should give the game a nice decoration

Other additions, changes, and fixes include Career Results, Firearm Upgrade and End Match Rating. Firearm Upgrade lets players level up their weapons for better stats. New items include Paint Grenades that when thrown release a colorful blast that sticks to anyone within the blast radius. The Flare Gun is a possible loot in Picnic Baskets under Cherry Blossom trees.

What else is new in this PUBG Mobile Lite update?

Varenga the map got some makeover with a Shelter full of resources in the Northern Area and additional pathways to the Urban area. Additionally, there's a new feature that lets you quickly switch to your secondary weapon while reloading your first. There is now language support for Hindi, and also for Arabic, French, and Spanish.

pubg mobile lite update
Here's what the bloom looks like in the game itself

There is now a new Battle Royale mode from combining Classic Mode and PlayLab, and the character UI gets a new look. There are also new markers and a new map selection menu available, and some of the coupon names are different. Premium Crate coupon is now Premium Outfit coupon, for example, or Supply Crate coupon is changed to Outfit. The ranked Season rating error was also fixed in the new update.

To download the next update which has been in place since Wednesday, you can access the game's Google Play Store from here.