Tencent just released the 0.15.0 update for PUBG Mobile Lite, bringing to the game new features, and the Team Deathmatch mode. The update is currently available on Google Play Store.

New 4v4 Team Deathmatch mode

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The Team Deathmatch mode is a fast-paced mode with constant fighting and shooting

Team Deathmatch mode is a pretty classic mode in many multiplayer shooter games and it is now available in PUBG Mobile Lite. This mode is very different from the battle royale mode. Basically, 8 players will be split into 2 teams of 4 players. You don't have to loot weapons and items because everything will be available for you right from the start. The map of the Team Deathmatch mode is also much smaller than a typical battle royale map. This means that you will be running into enemies quite often and there will be a lot of actions in a match. When a player gets a kill, their team will get some points. Which team earns 40 points first wins. Dead players will respawn shortly with all their equipment.

New weapons

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MK 47 is an assault rifle that uses 7.76 mm bullets

This update brings players 2 new weapons to the game MK47 Mutant and Skorpion.

The MK47 is an assault rifle that uses 7.76 mm bullets with a magazine of 20 bullets. It has 2 firing mode single-fire mode and burst-mode.

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The Skorpion is an automatic pistol

The Skorpion is an automatic pistol that uses 9 mm bullets. It has a magazine of 20 bullets and can be equipped with various types of attachments.

Two new scopes were also added to the game, 3x scope and 6x scope. These scopes can be used on any assault rifle and most sub-machine guns.

Other features

Enemies' location will be revealed on the minimap when you or your teammates hit them.

Many new winter-themed skins and outfits have arrived at the shop to celebrate the holiday season.