A new update will soon come out for the game PUBG Mobile Lite. Dataminers have found leaks for the next update which seem to confirm new features for the game. These include a new lobby, a night mode, and the much anticipated room cards. They have also found the next update could be out as early as February 18.

PUBG Mobile Lite

Although, there's no official word yet from the developers on when the update will come out. These new leaks should help to assure some of the impatient fans of the game out there. In case you haven't heard of PUBG Mobile Lite, it's the less demanding version of PUBG Mobile for lower-end phones. It's only available for Android and certain countries.

What are the new features?

The upcoming update for the game is expected to bring us new ways to enjoy the game, including a night mode, companions, and country flags. The game will also receive a new logo to go with it. Apparently, this new logo will have a male character surrounded by orange border.

Additionally, coming to the new update will be a winter-themed lobby interface. This interface has only been available on the regular PUBG Mobile so far. A UAZ in the background will be available along with this new lobby for PUBG Mobile Lite.

Expect changes to the current logo

What we know from the recent beta for PUBG Mobile Lite tells us that the FPP mode will be available in the game for Team Deathmatch. Another weapon from the normal PUBG Mobile will make it in the Lite version, which is the Flare Gun.

On top of that, in addition to the standard Erangel map for the Lite version, the next update will bring a new desert map to the game.

Current Erangel map for PUBG Mobile Lite

And last but not least, we will be able to have our own room cards on the Lite version of PUBG Mobile. By purchasing these room cards, players can create their own private rooms to battle with friends. The shop section is most likely where you will be able to purchase these room cards.