Looks like PUBG Mobile’s next strategy to freshen up the game is to modify the map little by little. In the past few months, a lot of news about Erangel’s 2.0 version has been leaked – while it is still not out yet, a fresh new leak has been confirmed about the upcoming changes to Miramar’s desert.

This change of course was spotted on the test Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, which was often used as a testing ground for updates. It is not 100% that these elements would come to the global version of the game, however, as the Chinese playtesters might deem the contents unfit. The car and these tracks might be part of a new event, as there are various ramps and rings that you can use to do tricks with your vehicles like jump or flip. These things are great for screwing around – but most people would just ignore them the second time onward.

Golden Mirado
The Golden Mirado is going to be super flashy

New water bodies would be added into the map, which would likely serve as a counterpart of Erangel’s water town. Vending machines that can drop energy drinks would be added to certain houses. You would need to be careful in dealing with those, as getting the drinks to require the machine to be shot - the alarms afterward would definitely attract nearby enemies to your position. Furthermore, a golden Mirado is going to be added – there seems to be no change in the car’s stats, however.

Winchester Scope
New design for the Winchester in PUBG Mobile

The biggest gameplay update is probably the addition of scope on every Winchester spawned on the map. The Win94, despite its shotgun-like statistic, is actually a hunting rifle – and the addition of scope would definitely increase players’ ability to score hits with it. Based on what we have seen, the scope range would be about 3x - there is no info about any changes in the gun’s stats.

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