PUBG Mobile Miramar 2.0 will be an upgraded map of the existing PUBG Mobile Miramar. Recently, the publisher of this popular battle royale game gifted players with the latest upgraded map Erangel 2.0. It excited a lot of players and fans of this game. So, gamers are highly anticipating to see PUBG Mobile Miramar 2.0 update. Today, let’s learn about new things coming to PUBG mobile on this enhanced map with

PUBG Mobile Miramar 2.0 Is Leaked

According to the leaked information, the latest beta edition of the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, known as Game for Peace has a new Miramar map. It’s called Miramar 2.0. As we all know, PUBG Mobile Miramar is the largest map in this game which is 8x8 square kilometers. Moreover, it’s a desert map with abandoned cities and towns.

Moreover, this new update also brings players many changes in weapons and vehicles on this map solely. The leaked information revealed a new Win94 gun with an already-attached 3x scope spawning only on PUBG Miramar 2.0. Besides, players also have a new vehicle to traverse on this map.

Pubg Mobile Miramar 2 0 New Map
The upgraded Miramar map brings players a better-looking map with realistic and stunning graphics and new areas

In addition, the developers also add many brand new places to PUBG Mobile Miramar 2.0. It will definitely bring players more experiences. Since this upgraded map was leaked, it has left PUBG Mobile players in China and all over the world anticipated. Although it seems to appear in Game for Peace first, the Chinese version of PUBG, players across the world still believe that Miramar 2.0 map will come soon.

Pubg Mobile Miramar 2 0
An upgraded map Miramar 2.0 is coming soon with new features

The previous updates proved that sometimes when a new feature was launched to Game for Peace, the publishers would bring it to the global version after that. Moreover, this upgraded map is a big change in this game which could help them attract more players. So, PUBG Mobile players of all versions can expect to see PUBG Mobile Miramar 2.0 map in the near future.

PUBG Mobile Miramar 2.0 Update

Recently, PUBG Mobile players have experienced the enhanced Erangel 2.0 map in the latest update. It not only brings players a better-looking map with realistic and stunning graphics but also new areas with novel experiences.

Pubg Mobile Miramar 2 0 New Area
There is a new oasis in the North of the map

Then, this upcoming map Miramar 2.0 also has some changes. First of all, the dev team added a new oasis to the North of the map. Besides, there is a new abandoned city in the Northwest of this desert.

Pubg Mobile Miramar 2 0 Graphics
The new map has better graphics and new regions

Moreover, the new map also brings players more excitement with a new race-track for further in-game activities like racing. Many buildings’ structures are also adjusted to bring players better games. Additionally, they added some new wild areas and adjusted the road map across this large desert.

Pubg Mobile Miramar 2 0 Chinese
The Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, known as Game for Peace has a new Miramar map version 2.0.

Last but not least, vending machines, which are familiar with PUBG PC players, will also appear on PUBG Mobile Miramar 2.0. Players can stop there and take some drugs or drinks. However, the alarm of this machine can attract the attention of enemies around you. So, you need to stay alert when taking drinks from it.

Updates In Weapons On Miramar 2.0 Map

Win94 is a powerful medium-range sniper rifle gun using 45 ACP ammo. But lots of players do not prefer this weapon because they could not attach any scope to it for better aiming.

Pubg Mobile Miramar 2 0 Winchester94
Miramar 2 0 Winchester 94 will have a 3x scope

However, this fact will definitely change when the upgraded Win94 gun comes. According to the leak, this updated version of Win94 will have an already-attached 3x scope. With this huge change, the dev team hopes to see more players using this weapon in this game. But it will be spawned solely on Miramar 2.0 which is much bigger than three rest maps.

A New PUBG Mobile Golden Mirado On Miramar 2.0

The golden Mirado car is not strange with players of PUBG PC. But PUBG Mobile players have not got any chance to drive this stunning car. And now, developers of PUBG Corp. and Tencent bring Golden Mirado to PUBG Mobile Miramar 2.0. Like in the PC version, players of PUBG Mobile game can find this new car in the garage in Hacienda.

Pubg Mobile Miramar 2 0 Chinese
A new PUBG Mobile Golden Mirado car also comes to this new map

This is a high-speed car. And it would be wonderful to drive a Golden Mirado and win the race on the new race-track of PUBG Mobile Miramar 2.0 update, right?

A New Playzone Mechanism

The new update also brings some changes in the mechanism of the playing zone. In general, it looks like the updated play zone in the PC game with the Bluehole mechanism. In the PC version, the Bluehole forces players to keep moving with the appearance of the second blue zone. The inner blue zone helps remove campers and also notify players where the next safe zone shrinks on. 

Bluehole In Pubg Mobile Miramar 2 0
The new update also brings some changes in the Bluezone mechanism

The inner blue zone will appear from the beginning of the game until before the last circle. It appears in the same place and with the same size as the next playing zone. Moreover, players can hardly camp in the blue zone or they will get damage till they die. 

Pubg Miramar 2 0 Bluezone
In general, it looks like the play zone in the PC game with the Bluehole mechanism

As usual, the publisher will test new features and updates in the Beta version before officially launching them to the global game version. They also need time to adjust the new features and gameplay to ensure it matches the mobile game well. 

Those are things you need to know about the new PUBG Mobile Miramar 2.0. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as tips and tricks for players, let's visit our website.