In the 0.17.0 update recently, the developers have added the DBS in PUBG Mobile. When it comes to stats, we can easily see that the DBS is the best shotgun in PUBG Moblie, but the opinion of the PUBG Mobile community about this weapon is mixed. Some people love this weapon while some would curse it when they had to fight a whole quad just to find it in the airdrop.

Here, we at will show you an overview of the weapon, its pros, and cons, how to use it correctly to see if this weapon is good or not.

DBS in PUBG Mobile: Overview

The DBS is a shotgun that only appears in an airdrop. It is a pump-action shotgun, which means that it can fire twice in quick succession like the S686. It has the second-highest damage per pellet among shotguns. It has the best spread among shotgun and doesn't even need to have any attachment.

Dbs In Pubg Mobile
The PUBG Mobile DBS is the best shotgun in the game

The DBS is the most effective within the 15m range. You can attach any scope on it, except for the 8x scope. You can have up to 14 shells of 12 Gauge inside the gun at the same time. It's an extremely deadly weapon in close range. With only 2 accurate hits and you will be able to kill any player with the DBS in PUBG Mobile.

DBS in PUBG Mobile: Pros and Cons


Being the strongest shotguns in the game, the DBS can take down players in close-quarter combats easily. Unlike other automatic weapons in PUBG Mobile, the accuracy of DBS is the same when you hip-fire and aim down sight (ADS). That means you can run, jump, spin and shot at the same time with incredible accuracy. If you can fully utilize this advantage of the DBS in PUBG Mobile, you will be able to get easy kills in every close combat.

 Dbs In close combats
The PUBG Mobile DBS is the best close quarter combat weapon


The first obvious disadvantage of the DBS in PUBG Mobile is its rarity. In most games, unless you are an airdrop hunter, you would not encounter any airdrop at all. Even if you can actually find one, that airdrop might not have the DBS in it. Secondly, the effective range of the DBS will be reduced greatly after 15m. It would take you more than 3,4 shots to kill an enemy from afar and unless they are really bad, you wouldn't be able to survive against SMGs and ARs. All PUBG maps are huge and most fights happen in the medium range, which is not the ideal range for the DBS in PUBG Mobile. This is the reason why lots of players do not like this weapon.

pubg mobile dmrs
The DBS need to go with a DMR to handle long-range fights

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The Right Strategy for DBS in PUBG Mobile

If you want to use the DBS in PUBG Mobile effectively, these are some important things that you need to remember:

  • Be aggressive: The DBS is not a weapon for campers. You need to push the enemies to make use of the full potential of this weapon,
  • Fire then hide: Like all shotguns, the DBS can't spray so you would generally want to hide after you have shot twice and the enemy isn't dead yet. Repeat this until they die.
  • Jump, run, shot: The DBS is very accurate so you can freely jump, run and shot at the same time. Use this advantage to surprise your enemy and make you a hard target.

 Dbs jump shot
You can jump and shot with the DBS in PUBG Mobile while maintaining the accuracy

  • Pair with a DMR/ AR: The DBS can take care of close-range combats for you and you need another weapon to fight at high distances. Keeping a DMR and an AR with you will solve your problem.
  • Always keep your bullet count at 2: The most powerful ability of the DBS is the double-shot ability. Make sure to always have two bullets in your chamber so you can take down an enemy instantly. Don't give them any chance to react or you might be the one who dies.

DBS in PUBG Mobile - Is It Good or Bad?

In conclusion, the DBS in PUBG Mobile is not a super OP weapon, but it does have its place in PUBG Mobile. It's really fun to vaporize your enemies in an instant. If you love close-quarter combats then this gun is the perfect match for you. Just make sure to have an AR or DMR with you for longer range combats. Pushing buildings will be super easy. Also, this gun is much better in a squad as your team can cover you in long-range combats.

dbs In Pubg Mobile good
Is it worth it to use the DBS in PUBG Mobile

However, if you like sniping and playing the game tactically, then it might not be the weapon for you, especially in Solo.

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