The PUBG Mobile Lite Zombie mode Survive till Dawn was introduced to the game in November 2019. This mode is pretty much the same as a casual match in PUBG Mobile Lite, apart from endless hordes of zombies that will be chasing you at night. As the mode is inspired by Resident Evil 2, you will also get to meet some very iconic character from the famous title such as Mr. X

Pubg Mobile Lite Zombie Mode
PUBG Mobile Lite Zombie Mode Survive till Dawn

In this guide, will show you how to survive the zombie apocalypse in PUBG Mobile Lite and all the tips and tricks to take down the toughest zombies.

PUBG Mobile Lite Zombie Mode Introduce

For PUBG Mobile Lite Zombie mode download, you can directly download it from inside the game client in the EvoGround tab.

You will start the game normally on Erangel by jumping out the plane and loot for weapons and items. But when the night comes, zombies will start to appear and chase you. There is a total of 2 nights in the Survive till Dawn mode.

Pubg Mobile Lite Mr. X
You can fight the infamous zombie, Mr. X, from Resident Evil 2

  • The first night will be fairly easy with not so many zombies and the zombies are also really slow and weak. If you have prepared well in the morning and packed enough weapons and ammo, the first night shouldn't be a problem. After the first night ends, there is a lot of ammo and weapons that dropped from the zombie you killed to prepare for the second night. If you are lucky, you can even get the minigun or flamethrower.
  • The second night, more zombies will appear along with new types of zombies. There will be a fat zombie with lots more HP and explode on death, the Licker, and the armored zombie. It will be much harder to stay alive alone on the second night so you will need your squad to back you up.
  • After the second night, you will be playing the game normally and kill all other players to win.

Pubg Mobile Lite RPD
The new location in the Survive till Dawn mode

There is an extra location in PUBG Mobile Lite Zombie mode called R.P.D. In this place, you will find a boss zombie called G and dozens of police zombies. If you can manage to kill it, it will drop the minigun and various high-quality loots.

The airdrop in this mode is also modified. Instead of a drop crate, the plane will drop a zombie boss called Mr. X. You can receive lots of items from killing Mr. X but it won't be easy.

In the latest 0.16.0 update of PUBG Mobile Lite, the Flare Gun is now in the game, but it won't be available in this mode.

PUBG Mobile Lite Zombie Mode Tips, Tricks and Strategies

The general strategy is to running while shooting at the same time so you don't get hit by zombies. Constantly running around and don't get cornered. You and your team and make use of chokepoints such as stairs to kill zombies easily, but sometimes they can overrun you with their number and high HP so always prepare for a way out. Apart from killing zombies, always keep an eye on other players too. Especially at night, when everyone is busy fighting zombies, you can easily sneak on them and get an easy kill.

 Pubg Mobile Lite Zombie Mode tips
PUBG Mobile Lite Zombie mode download can be found right inside the game

There are several types of zombies to Survive till Dawn mode, each with their own characteristics. Here are all the most dangerous zombies in PUBG Mobile Lite Zombie mode and how to deal with them:

  • The shooting acid zombie can be very annoying, especially when their number stacks up. They are easy to take down though so you need to kill them first whenever possible.
  • The Licker is the most annoying zombie as it has high HP, high damage, and can move really fast. It also stays low on the ground which makes it harder to aim for their head. You need to constantly run backward while shooting at them because they will never stop.

 Pubg Mobile Lite licker
The Liker can crawl really fast on the ground

  • The Armored zombie with the big shield is almost impossible to kill unless you aim for its head. It can also hit pretty hard but you can dodge them fairly easily.
  • The G zombie in R.P.D has a long steel bar that can hit you within a certain range. He doesn't really have anything special other than having high HP so you just kite him until he is killed.

pubg mobile zombies
The G zombie carries a long steel bar

  • Mr. X is the hardest zombie to kill in this mode. You can hardly kill him solo. He has so much HP that you will likely run out of bullets before he dies. One hit from him and half of your HP is gone. He can also throw rocks. The best way to kill him is to have 1 person kites him while the others shot him.

Here are the tips and tricks for you in PUBG Mobile Lite Zombie Mode Survive till Dawn:

  • Always go for the head. It is the best, most efficient way to kill zombies. It is also not too hard to do as zombies are generally slow and always run in a straight line.
  • Use a vehicle to block the entrance of the house so zombies can't get in. From there just, you can casually give them some nice and easy bullets in their heads.
  • Use the zombie bomb to kills a group of zombies easily. The zombie bomb won't harm any player, but don't confuse it with the zombie grenade which will spawn a zombie.
  • Don't be picky, SMGs are just as good as ARs when fighting zombies. Those weapons can reload faster and you can pick up lots of SMGs ammo from zombies. Also, you can use the character Victor to reload SMGs even faster.

Pubg Mobile Litefalme thrower, minigun
These weapons are the best weapons to fight zombies

  • Save the Flame Thrower for the real threat, not for common zombies. The ammo of the Flame Thrower is limited so don't just waste it.
  • Pay attention to the circle and other players. Just like in a normal game, they are the threats that you always need to keep in mind.
  • When you are running out of option, hide in the water. Zombie can't swim so you are somewhat safe in the water, but remember that those acid zombies can still damage you from far away.

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