PUBG Lite Free Winner Pass 10 has come a few days ago, on March 18th, 2020. The current season and update patch 0.16.0 brought players many exciting enhancements and additions. In this PUBG Mobile Lite free winner pass 10, players can enjoy the spring atmosphere on the battleground with lots of new features. Here are things you need to know about the current free winner pass in PUBG Lite.  Check it out with

PUBG Lite Free Winner Pass 10 Updates In Map And Theme

The latest PUBG Mobile Lite update 0.16.0 edition has a spring festival theme titled Varenga in Bloom. The battleground is more beautiful with a pink cherry blossom wood. It makes a romantic, poetic, and stunning background for the battle. Moreover, you can also pick up the Picnic Baskets in that Cherry Blossom wood.

From the picnic baskets located under the cherry blossom trees, you can find some decent rewards like Flare Gun or festive Paint Grenades. As we all know, PUBG Mobile Lite players can use these Flare Guns they loot on the battleground to call airdrop. And those Airdrops often bring them good loots of powerful guns, a set of armor level 3 and helmet level 3. Like in PUBG or PUBG Mobile, the Airdrop in PUBG Mobile lite also has the most powerful weapons like AWM, Mk14, or M249. Moreover, it also brings players a decent camouflage suit and an 8x scope.

Free Winner Pass In Pubg Lite Theme
This season has a spring festival theme titled Varenga in Bloom

Moreover, in this free winner pass PUBG lite, players can also loot festive paint grenades from these super airdrops. You can use the paint grenades to dye enemies in colorful paint.  

Pubg Lite Free Winner Pass 10 Varenga In Bloom
The current PUBG Mobile Lite season brings players a stunning Cherry Blossom wood

In addition, PUBG Lite Free Winner Pass 10 also bring players an updated Varenga map. You can see a new shelter with good loots in the North. Moreover, some new roads are lead to the brand-new Urban area. The new update also brings some enhancement and updates to the industrial area and the Southwest Factory, etc.

PUBG Lite Free Winner Pass 10 Updates In Features

Besides those significant updates on the map, this season also brings players many other features in gameplay. Firstly, there is a new feature of Firearm upgrades which lets players upgrade a specific weapon and enjoy more experience.

Pubg Lite Free Winner Pass 10 Firearm Upgrade
It brings players a new feature, Firearms Upgrade, letting players level up the weapons

Moreover, the Play Lab and Classic modes are combined as the Battle Royale mode. Quick secondary weapons are also a new option, allowing players to switch to and fire from their secondary gun quickly while reloading the main gun.

Pubg Mobile Lite New Languages
The developers also added some new languages for this new patch

There are many new functions such as Room Cards, Career Results, and a new look for the character UI. Last but not least, the developers also add some languages to the game, including Spanish, Arabic, and French.

Free Winner Pass Pubg Lite Airdrop
PUBG Mobile Lite players can use these Flare Guns they loot on the battleground to call airdrop with lots of good loots

Furthermore, PUBG lite developers also fixed many bugs and features in this latest PUBG Mobile lite free winner pass 10. It brings players a better experience with this game.

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How to Get Free Winner Pass in PUBG Lite

PUBG Lite Free Winner Pass 10 is available now in the latest patch 0.16.0. It came to players on March 18th, 2020 after you get the update from Google play. After logging in the game, you can enter this new winner pass season 10 of PUBG Mobile Lite.

Pubg Lite Free Winner Pass 10 Delta Squad Skin
Delta Squad Skin is an attractive reward from Elite Pass

When you do not buy the Elite pass, you can complete missions and receive prizes from free winner pass in PUBG Lite without paying any UC. Therefore, there is no need to use PUBG lite free winner pass hack. The free winner pass is available for every player.

If you want to get more decent and attractive rewards from the Elite pass, you need to pay money to register. Like the Premium Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile, the Elite pass in PUBG Mobile lite also has 100 levels to conquer. At each milestone, you can receive decent rewards like skins, silver fragments, crate coupons, etc.

Pubg Lite Free Winner Pass 10 Fighting Bull Set
This is Fighting Bull Set in Elite Pass Level 30

Some attractive rewards in this season are Delta Squad Set, Fighting Bull Cover set, Soaring Eagle Helmet, and Soaring Eagle Pan skin. You can also unlock a new emote Dodge. Expedition Backpack skin is another reward from the Elite pass. Besides, the Ashes skin for your AKM is so cool and stunning. In addition, you can also get Camo skin for the Jeep car.

Those are things you need to know about PUBG Lite Free Winner Pass 10 and the latest update 0.16.0. To update the latest PUBG Mobile Lite game news, let’s visit our website.