Looks like Tencent is using the Chinese PUBG Mobile version to test new updates again – a new game mode named "Library" is currently a part of the “Game for Peace” version. Based on the leaks, it is going to be added immediately to the game on the next 0.17.5 Global update of PUBG Mobile.

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The library is completely symmetrical, with two floors a lot of bookcases covers

It is likely that the mode would be named differently, as Library is likely to be the name of the map. The win condition in this map has been changed – it is now based on a whole new concept: Gun Switching.

There are quite a few camping spots - you would still have a chance even if your weapon is not as good as the enemy's

2 Teams would be spawned on either side of a 4x4 Library themed map – and each member of the team would have to score a total of 18 kills, each with a different weapon. After every kills, the gun that a player’s holding would be changed into the one that the killed person was using. The team with all players completed the task first would win the match.

There are open spaces for long-range combat and sniping as well.

Overall, the main idea behind the map is a gun challenge, in which players have to prove their skills on all weapons instead of just grabbing the nearest Assault Rifle. The library map was designed just for that – with its ample covers scatter all over and short hallways, even a shotgun player would be able to score kills.

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