PUBG Mobile library map is another new feature that Tencent and PUBG Corp. are testing in Game for Peace. It seems that the publisher is using this Chinese version of their PUBG Mobile game to test all upcoming updates before launching them to the global version. Recent leaks also reveal a new feature called PUBG Mobile library mode. Check it out here with

PUBG Mobile Library Map On Beta Version

According to the leaks, this new feature will come to PUBG Mobile players all over the world in this next 0.17.5 updated patch. It will be possibly renamed after the official launch because ‘Library’ is the name of this map. 

Pubg Mobile Library Map
The mini-map of PUBG Mobile new mode Library was leaked

However, there has been no official announcement about the PUBG Mobile library map release date. It’s spotted on the beta version of the Chinese PUBG Mobile game, known as Game for Peace. According to the leak of a PUBG Mobile player, named Mr. Ghost Gaming, this new mode will have a brand new map called Library. And it’s literally a large library. 

Moreover, this gamer also experienced and found out that this new game mode is pretty similar to the existing Team Deathmatch Mode (TDM) in this battle royale game. If it is true, PUBG Mobile players across the world will have three TDM maps to play.

Pubg Mobile Library Map First Look
There has been no official announcement about the release date of this new PUBG Mobile library map

As we all know, PUBG Mobile has two TDM maps now, including Warehouse and Ruins. So, after the official PUBG mobile library mode release date, players all around the world will have more experience in this PUBG Mobile EvoGround mode. 

PUBG Mobile Library Map Gameplay

Like the existing TDM mode in this game, the new Library mode also a match between two teams of four. To get the victory, each member from your squad needs to make 18 kills in total. However, after you kill an enemy, the weapon you use will automatically change. 

Pubg Mobile Library Mode
This brand new game mode is being tested in the beta version of Chinese PUBG Mobile game, known as Game for Peace

Players of two teams will be spawned on two sides of the map. It will be a 4x4 map with the structure of a large library. Each of you will grab a different weapon at the beginning of the match. After you kill one enemy, you will be given the weapon of that dead opponent. Your squad will win the match if all team members complete their missions first. 

Pubg Mobile Library Mode Mission
There are two teams fighting against each other to win the match

In general, this new game mode on PUBG Mobile Library map is a weapon challenge. It means that you need to have great weapon skill to use different guns and melee weapons to fight. If you cannot use a wide range of weapons, you will definitely lose the match. Therefore, this new PUBG Mobile library mode is a test to see how well you play with different guns on your hands. 

There Are Many Corners And Hidden Places For Hidin
There are many corners and hidden places for hiding and camping on this map

PUBG Mobile Library Map First Look

This new TDM map is a big library with large bookshelves placed in lines so that you will have places to hide and camp. Moreover, this library map has two floors with many corners created by bookshelves. Besides, you will also find some covers under the staircase or behind statues insides this block.

Pubg Mobile Library Map Mode
You can hide after high bookshelves placed randomly on the map

This new library map has the traditional architecture of a Chinese building with multiple-level staircases. In addition, there are many rooms in the library connecting by vaulted doors. The construction looks like a Chinese palace.

Pubg Mobile Library Map Insides
Each team has a different spawning room on two different sides of the library

At the first look, this PUBG Mobile Library map is a small battleground for close combat. You have to be careful with enemies hiding between bookshelves, under the staircase, or behind the wall. Besides, the enemies can jump down from the second floor and kill you. So, watch out when you are on the first floor.

Pubg Mobile Library Map Spawn
When getting shot, you can find a good cover and wait until your HP is healed

Another tip is to keep moving if you don't want to be an easy target for the enemies. Moreover, let's occupy the second floor because you have batter place to shoot when you are in a higher place.

Pubg Mobile Libarary Map Tip
Occupy higher place to have better view and spot to shoot

These are things you need to know about the new PUBG Mobile Library map. To update the latest PUBG Mobile news, other leaks, as well as more game tips and tricks, let's visit our website.