Tournament organizer ESL has partnered with Tencent to become part of the PUBG Mobile esports circuit for 2020. Players from India and all over the world would be able to participate for a shot at the grand prize of five million dollars.

Esl Pubg Mobile
PUBG Mobile Pros in a specifically designed zone

With PUBG Mobile building such an esports ecosystem like this is it probably the best time for fans to try their hand on PUBG Mobile. The esports scene of the game was just infused with a big amount of money as a prize pool on every level, from amateur to semi-pro to pro-level, along with the country/regional/global tiers. This makes PUBG Mobile a very viable career choice to follow in tandem with streaming, as no matter which level you are at, you would still have a shot to get the prize. PUBG Mobile, after only two years of release in India, has pretty much diffuse people's misconceptions about the gaming industry and gaming/streaming as a career - we definitely have a lot to look forward to in the future.

Pubg Mobile Pro League
PUBG Mobile Pro League has a big prize pool of over $50 lakh

Tencent is definitely going all in investing in PUBG Mobile's future, as ESL is pretty much the best production value money could buy. The company, formerly known as Electronic Sports League, is a production company that organizes esports and video game events worldwide. ESL is also the world's biggest esports company and also the oldest operational one. ESL's headquarter is at Cologne, Germany, with multiple branch offices all over the world - it is also the biggest esports company to ever broadcast on Twitch.

Esl One Tournament
ESL is a top tier organization that has hosted some of the biggest Esports tournament ever created - their experiences would definitely help PUBG Mobile's blossoming Esports scene

One of the main features of this collaboration is that ESL is going to build for Tencent a brand new studio that was designed for PUBG Mobile. The location of the venue would be Katowice, Poland, and Global Lan Tournaments of PUBG Mobile would be hosted there, after the coronavirus died down. This year's final months would be super big, as every branch tournament would cultivate in a single epic world finale.

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