With India infected by Covid-19, PUBG Mobile has decided to hold its Pro League tournament online instead of offline, as events with too many people would be a great zone for the virus to spread. This would not be the last sport or video game event getting canceled over this plague, as the virus currently hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down…yet.

Nodwin Pubg Mobile
PUBG's Esports structure has definitely matured

About the format of the tournament – it is likely that the event would be streamed online on PUBG Mobile’s YouTube, with an added delay. The tournament would begin on March 19 as scheduled. This reversal is a shame, really, as 2020 is the year PUBG Corps double the prize money and investment in the Esports scene of the game.

The nine squads that are going to participate in PMPL after earning their ticket through PMCO

There are a lot of problems in holding such a big event offline: PUBG Mobile is not a hard game to hack, and without the presence of the staff on-site, players could easily do something to create an unfair advantage. Nothing short of sending people onsite to all the teams’ locations would be able to prevent that - and this would cost a lot of resources.

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These teams would be part of the first group

In the last few months, various tech events from all over the world have been canceled due to this virus. From game expos to esports tournament to developers’ conference – nothing remains, with E3, the biggest gaming event in the world also postponed. Coronavirus is a very dangerous threat – with over 100000 people infected worldwide and a 4% kill rate. Those who are excited to attend the PMPL event might be upset at the moment, however, their safety should always come first.

Overall, India is more or less occupied the majority of PMPL South Asia, with other countries like Nepal taking only a few slots. In this list below, we would list out some of the biggest contenders for the top spots of the tournament and advance to the next set of leagues:

1 – Entity Gaming


TSM – ENT or Entity Gaming is the most consistent squad this year – they have been dominating the PUBG Mobile scene of India for quite a while with their aggressive playstyle. While they haven’t played any big tourney as of late, ENT is still one of the top contenders for this tournament.

2 – Fnatic

Indian Pubg Mobile Scene Team Fnatic
Team Fnatic Joined Indian PUBG Mobile Scene Last Year

While Fnatic did not do very well in PMCO 2020, their potential can’t be overlooked. While their playstyle is inconsistent, revolving between passive and overly aggressive at times, the squad’s individual performance is top-notch. Under Scout’s direction, Fnatic still has a lot of time to improve and coming back to the top in this tournament.

3 – GodLike Esports


GodLike, PMCO 2020’s Spring Split Champion, is on a big winning streak. Their strategy is a perfect blend between aggression and calculated plays, which often take advantage of enemy teams’ weaknesses. Smokie, a veteran from team INS, will be captain of this new squad.

4 – Orange Rock Esports

Orange Rock Esports1

Orange Rock is a pretty consistent team that has been able to deliver pretty amazing performances all over the board. Their strengths are the decision making skill of the leader and the entire team’s fragging ability.

5 – Team Soul

Pubg Soul Chicken Dinner

While team Soul has not been able to do much as of late, they are definitely still a team to be vary of. When push comes to shove, the explosive members of Team Soul can always put out some clutch performance to reverse the fight. Their direct invite to PMPL speaks volumes about their ability.

For PMPL 2020 India schedule as well as PMPL prize money,  please check out PUBG Mobile's official Esports channel. For more information about PUBG Mobile, please check out this post for the top 5 PUBG Mobile pro players.