Since its launch back in 2017, PUBG Mobile has been one of the most popular games in India. While Indian hasn’t been very strong at any kind of Esports, PUBG Mobile is an exception. A lot of people have been playing the game competitively in India that they can even be called Esports athletes. With the esports scene of PUBG Mobile growing even more in 2020, it is expected that the game would be even more successful.

In this article, we would inspect the top 5 most famous Indian PUBG Mobile players.

1 – Mortal

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The most famous PUBG player in India at the moment, Mortal is both a pro player and a streamer.

Captain of the famous SouL squad, Mortal has been playing a big part in Team SouL’s rise in 2019. Under his direction, the team has been delivering some of the best PUBG gameplay ever seen to date, with the second position in PMCO Fall Split finals.

The strongest aspect of Mortal is the ability to keep his cool under pressure. He was going to retire earlier in the year, however, when Owais and Ronak leave the team, there is no other choice for him than coming back.

His major achievements are being the champion of the India Series 2019, along with ranking first and second in the PMCO Regional Splits, Spring and Fall respectively.

2 – ScoutOP

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Scout has yet to score a big victory in tournaments

Scout is one of the biggest players in the Indian PUBG Community, mostly because of his personal skills. The guy is known across the pro scene for his amazing m4 scoped sprays.

While the guy has been involved in too much drama, his passion for the game cannot be denied. However, PUBG Mobile is a team game, and Scout is not going to get to the top without a good squad to back him up.

His biggest achievement is the second position in PUBG Mobile Club Open’s Spring Split.

3 – Jonathan

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Jonathan and his squad winning the biggest tournament of India

The star player of PUBG Mobile India’s best team currently, Entity Gaming, Jonathan has been rising steadily to the top ever since his debut. The guy has been the crucial factor in shaping the team, bringing his personal ability to complement Ghatak’s experience

Jonathan was in the top 5 best players in PMCO Fall Split, the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in the world.

His biggest achievement is the first position in South Asia Fall Split.

4 – Daljitsk

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Daljitsk and team IND receiving their prize money

Team IND’s former MVP, Daljitsk is currently playing for Orange Rock Esports. His best feature is the ability to take accurate quick sniper shots. In PMCO Spring Split, the guy got into the top position of the fragger leaderboards, surpassing a lot of veterans.

His best achievement is the second-place finish in the Spring Split PMCO 2019.

5 - Ghatak

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The best lineup of the team. Aman has left to join team SouL, however.

Captain of Entity Gaming, Ghatak has played a big part in all victories of the team with his ability to access the situation correctly and call the shots correctly based on the situation at hand. Along with Jonathan and the rest of the squad, Ghatak has definitely made a name for PUBG Mobile India in the world stage, as they earned the fifth position in the tournament without a single Chicken Dinner.

Ghatak's biggest achievement is similar to that of Jonathan, as they have been together since the first incarnation of Entity Gaming.

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