The ongoing season 10 of PUBG Mobile will conclude in a few days, and a new patch would be released for the next season. Update 0.16.5 will be released next week, with a whole season worth of contents, a new event theme, and various new items such as skins, outfits, and accessories.

Based on data mined efforts by Mr. Ghost Gaming, a reputable leaker, the beta version of the update would be released in a few days. According to the guy, we can even expect more leaks later. Some of the changes in the PC version are beginning to migrate to mobile as well, with the Snow Bike being the first to go. It was added to the PC version of PUBG a few months ago, replacing the normal Bike on the Vikendi map.

Pubg Mobile Season 11 Leaks And Rewards
New leaked skins

Below are some of the most notable pass rewards that were leaked from the Season 11 update, including higher tier items. Gold tier’s reward would be a black and red outfit, Diamond tier would be an MK14 skin, and finally a season 11 parachute at Ace.

This event is ending soon

In other news, the Winter Card Workshop event of PUBG is still ongoing. The event is located inside the time-limited reward, which would redirect you to a card customizing page. By sending and receiving cards, players would gain cosmetic rewards. This is more or less an event to force players into using the friend feature of the game.

This event also runs parallel with the skin workshop event, which allows players to create skin concepts for various items in the game. Winner of the competition would get their work ported into the game, along with various prizes. Interested in more of our PUBG related articles? Please check out this post for the episode of the web series Dosti Ka Naya Maidan.