2019 was a great year for the PUBG Mobile esports scene in India with a huge player base, many content creators and professional players. However, since Indian teams didn't have many chances to fight against teams from other regions in the world, their results in international tournaments have been not very good. But they were improving themselves for sure and that Entity Gaming was among the top 5 best teams in the last PMCO Grand Finals was the clearest proof.

Here, we have ranked a list of 5 best PUBG Mobile teams in India in 2019 based on their performances and achievements in 2019.

5. ETG. Brawler

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ETG. Brawlers is a team that can create miracles that no one can think of

Most people still remember the impressive run of ETG. Brawlers in the South Asia RegionSemi-Finals of the PMCO Fall Split. They won 3 Chicken Dinner back to back and easily got ahead of all other teams. At that point, everyone was so sure that they would get a slot in the Grand Finals, but they ended up in 7th place. I feel like ETG. Brawlers haven't reached their full potential yet, even though they got one of the best talents. Although they failed to get into the Grand Finals, they are still one of the best Indian team and have the potential to turn everything upside down in the most unexpected moment.

What ETG. Brawlers still need to work on now is their consistency. If they can manage to play their best, they will be advancing even much further in the future.

4. Orange Rock

Orange Rock Esports1
Orange Rock can work together extremely well between team members

Orange Rock is one of the most aggressive in India. With the recent rule changes in counting kill points, they were the ones who gained the most advantage. All members of Orange Rock have a high skill set, but what made them stand out was their coordination between each team member. According to SoutOP from team Fnatic, Orange Rock was the best PUBG Mobile in India at one point.

Recently, their two important members Ex1Stence and Carry have left the team last month, leaving 2 slots for Daljit and Anto to join the team. With these changes, the team is going to need some time to train and stabilize before coming back next year.

Orange Rock's feats include winning the PMCO Fall Split: South Asia Group Stage and the PUBG Mobile Yuvin Community Cup, qualified for The Vodafone 5G Mobile Open Finals.

3. Fnatic

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Fnatic won their first tournament with the help of ex-8bit player Ash

Fnatic (previously known as team X or XSpark) contains the most experienced PUBG Mobile players in India They have 2 ex-SouL members, Ronak and Owais along with ScoutOP from IND and Ash from 8Bit. Although they were just formed a few months ago, fans had a really high expectation from their line up. After their failure in almost every tournament that they participated in, they finally won the PUBG Mobile All Stars India with thanks to some key changes. With the help of Ash and a coach, Fnatic is going to put a lot of pressure on other teams in the future. All PUBG Mobile fans in India are watching every step of them very closely and see how they will grow. Team Fnatic is very high-skilled, but they need to work on their strategy and tactics since they are extremely important aspects of squads mode. One wrong move and you will be punished hard for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The PMAS is the first tournament won by Fnatic with a flawless victory both in the Mastery Scrims and the Grand Finals. Fnatic just also finished the Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019 at 8th place, the highest position among all the Indian teams in the tournament.

2. Entity Gaming

En Pmco South Asia Regional Finals Day 3 Vivo Fall
Entity Gaming the champion fo the PMCO South Asia Region and among the top 5 teams in the Grand Finals

Entity Gaming is surely the one with the most international achievements this year with being in the top 5 of 2 big PUBG Mobile tournaments 5G Vodafone ESL Mobile Open and PMCO Fall Split. They have 2 powerful Assaulters Neyooooo and JONATHAN, who can deal with almost any situation in the game. Along with their trusty leader, Ghatak, they have been killing squads left and right in any tournament they took part in. Aman has left the team now and replaced by God from SouL, but Entity Gaming is still really strong as they went fourth place in the PMAS recently.

Entity Gaming won the PMCO - Fall Split: South Asia and went 5th place in the Grand Finals. They also made it to the top 4 in PMCO Spring Split: IndiaVodafone, 5G ESL Mobile Open, and PMAS.

1. SouL

Team SouL, with MortaL, truly deserved as the best PUBG Mobile team of India

It is hard to choose between Team SouL and Entity Gaming as the best PUBG Mobile team in India, but thanks to MortaL, the most beloved PUBG Mobile player in India, the team has been really stable over the year in most tournaments. First, they won the PUBG Mobile India Series in March and then made a comeback to become the winner of the PMCO Spring Split India Region in June.

After the PMCO Spring Split, MortaL take a break from the competitive scene, which dealt a great loss for Team SouL. ScoutOP came and left with Owais and Ronak, almost torn apart the team completely. But then MortaL came back to the team for the PMCO Fall Split. It was hard to imagine that Team SouL could do anything back then, but they made it to the top 2 in the South Asia Regional Finals and directly qualified for the Grand Finals without even hit a single Chicken Dinner.

It is just so obvious that as long as MortaL is in the team, Team SouL is a beast that everyone will have to watch out for. Now, with the new addition of AMAN, Team SouL can only get stronger.

Team SouL is definitely deserved as the number 1 PUBG Mobile team in India.